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Tuk Golf Course (June '75).jpeg
Aerial photo of the Tuktoyaktuk Golf course amongst icy ocean with melting landscape in background on sunny day in June 1975.

Tuk Golf Course (Aug '75).jpeg
Photo of tundra hilltop during evening where Tuk Golf Course is situated with golfers in distance and building structures to the left.

Tuk Golf Course (Aug '75) (2).jpeg
Four people on left foreground of frame walk towards people in distance at Tuk Golf Course

Tuk Golf Course (Aug `75).jpeg
Photo of four people standing around golf hole putting golf balls at Tuk Golf Course with old white boat in left background.

Tuk Golf Course - Colin Harry of Aklavik (Aug '75).jpeg
Photo of Colin Harry at Tuktoyaktuk Golf Course standing beside flagpole with buildings in the distance.
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