Inuvialuit Cultural Centre (ICC)

In May 1998, ICC opened as a regional centre in Tuktoyaktuk with the following mandate:

  • Preserve the Inuvialuktun language with the assistance of elders. 
  • Provide support and a language curriculum for Inuvialuktun teachers. 
  • Promote the on-going development of the Inuvialuktun language. 

In April 2000, ICC was relocated to Inuvik to better serve the region with easier access to governments and other Inuvialuit communities. 

Funding for ICC comes from Canada (AANDC), GNWT (Education, Culture and Employment), Heritage Canada and the Beaufort-Delta Divisional Board of Education. In the past, projects undertaken with this funding included:

  • Indigenous Language Conference 
  • Summer Language and Cultural Camps
  • Community Language Programs
  • Elder Database Development with translations and recordings
  • Language Teacher Training and Language Program Development
  • Production of classroom materials for language teachers
  • Development of an Inuvialuit Culture and History Program, Grades 1 to 6; and a teaching kit with books, videos and traditional tools
  • Publishing of the new Siglit Dictionaries
  • Publishing of "Reindeer Days Remembered"

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Digital Library North

Digital Library North is a collaborative project between the Inuvialuit Cultural Centre (ICC) and researchers and librarians from the University of Alberta. The study is a multi-stage project, taking place over the next several years.

The objectives of the project are:

  • To gain an understanding of the ways information is sought and used by residents of the ISR  
  • To create and evaluate a model digital library of resources that reflects community needs based on community input
  • To increase the accessibility of cultural resources online in collaboration with ICC

Currently the project is in a testing phase. This digital library a prototype of the digital library. It is a test for people to look at and try out, so that we can make it better.

The library currently contains a sample of ICC's resources including: language lessons in three Inuvialuktun dialects, books in the three dialects, photo collections, videos, and audio files.

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For more information please contact the project at dln@ualberta.ca.

You can also find more information at the project website. Or find us on Facebook.