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Aklavik Priest`s Garden (Aug `73).jpeg
Photograph of an Aklavik priest's garden vegetables in the summer with buildings and trees in the background.

Tuk Harbour (July '75).jpeg
Aerial photo of Tuk Harbour with ship in foreground and barges and community in background.

Tuk Anglican Church (July `71).jpeg
Tuktoyaktuk Anglican Church building on sunny day with a white boat beside it and ocean bay and another building in background.

Tuk (Summer '71).jpeg
Photo of gravel road in foreground with a boat in the bay and looking toward houses on the north end of Tuktoyaktuk

Tuk (July '75).jpeg
Aerial photo of Tuktoyaktuk looking North with ocean in the distance

Tuk (Aug '75).jpeg
Aerial photo of Tuktoyaktuk during the evening with the ocean and land in the background

Tuk (Aug '75) (2).jpeg
Aerial photo of community of Tuktoyaktuk with the two pingos in the distance in August of 1975

Tuk (Aug `75).jpeg
Photo of log house with signage saying, "Club House, Midnite Swingers, Tuktoyaktuk NWT" and Tuktoyaktuk harbour in background.

Tuk - Inuit Summer Home (July '71).jpeg
Photograph of a Sod House, 'Inuit Summer Home', in Tuktoyaktuk, July 1971
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