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Aklavik (Aug `71).jpeg
An aerial photograph of the community of Aklavik with its streets and buildings in August of 1971.

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Aklavik (Aug `71) (2).jpeg
Photograph of an Aklavik street with three persons walking along it and with houses situated on each side, 1971.

Aklavik Reefer Barge (Summer `71).jpeg
Photograph of refrigerated 'Reefer' barge docked on beach in Aklavik on a summer day of 1971.

Aklavik Old Nursin Station (Aug `71).jpeg
Photograph of the old Aklavik nursing station in the distance amongst several other buildings and three dogs shown in the foreground.

Aklavik Moose Kerr School (Aug `71).jpeg
Photograph of one side of the Aklavik Moose Kerr School with playground and Canadian flag situated beside it.

Aklavik Anglican Church (since burnt) Summer `71 (2).jpeg
A photograph of since-burnt Aklavik Anglican Church with grass and wooden walkways in the foreground on a sunny day, 1971.

Aklavik Anglican Church (since burnt) Summer `71.jpeg
Photograph of a sunlit Aklavik Anglican church entrance way in the summer of 1971.

Tuk Anglican Church (July `71).jpeg
Tuktoyaktuk Anglican Church building on sunny day with a white boat beside it and ocean bay and another building in background.

Tuk (Summer '71).jpeg
Photo of gravel road in foreground with a boat in the bay and looking toward houses on the north end of Tuktoyaktuk
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