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Musk Ox - Banks Island0.jpg
Image of three Muskox grazing and hills as backdrop in the distance

Sachs Harbour - at airstrip (Feb '73)0.jpg
Image of a shack with snow bank at airstrip in Sachs Harbour

Sachs Harbour - Disabled C-46 at Airstrip (May '74)0.jpg
Image of disabled airplane on snow at the airstrip in Sachs Harbour

Sachs Harbour - road from Airstrip (May '74)0.jpg
Image of Sachs Harbour with road from airstrip and kid swinging at playground

Sachs Harbour, Shoreline - Harbour (May '74)0.jpg
Image of the schooner Fox on the shore with shoreline and harbour in background

MOT - Sachs Harbour (Feb '73)0.jpg
Image of buildings during winter in Sachs Harbour 1973 - orginal title: MOT - Sachs Harbour

The photo shows a man dancing away with a few drummers playing in the Signing ceremony in Sachs. The photo includes: 1. Silas K. , 2. Old Raddi Kowachuk, 3. Alex Gordon, 4. Amos Paul, 5. Ralph Kimiksana, 6. Jean Arey.

The photo shows a group of people sitting at a few tables for a meeting about the partnership in literacy. The photo includes: 1. Lorenza Elanik, 2. Shirley Kisoun

A photo of LEA rep. Sheila Nasogaluak from Sachs Harbour sitting down with her hand by her jaw.

The image shows the stretching of fox pelts at Sachs Harbour. We also can see a few tent frames. Persons (left to right): Susie Sydney, Pat Keevik, Peter Sydney.

The image shows Fred Carpenter and Clara (Navaluq) Gully standing on some ice with a gun near by. (Photo by Peter Sydney)

The image shows Fred Carpenter and Peter Esau standing by a bearded seal that they caught. (photo by Peter Sydney)

A photo of Fred Carpenter and Peter Esau with bearded seal they caught about 7-8 miles south of Sachs Harbour.

A group photo taken by Peter Sydney of John Willie Carpenter, Andy Carpenter, Angus (Umik) Elias, Noah Elias and Susie (Panikpak) Sydney.

The schooner North Star with Jim Cockney at the door of the wheelhouse.

A photo of Bertram (Angagaq) and Lena Pokiak and their children: Ernest, Millie and Julia.

The image shows a snow house in Sachs Harbour.

Shirley Esau and Lena Tiktalik (with babies in their parkas) walking in Sachs Harbour on Easter Sunday.

Bessie and Michael Amos, in front of snow insulated tent, on Easter Sunday.
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