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Alexandria Elias interviews Susie Tiktalik who shares her personal life stories when she was a young married woman of plentiful caribou and happy times and also speaks of various hardships and sufferings such as abandonment, births, deaths, the big…

The image shows the schooner Blue Fox surround by ice in the spring time.

The image shows the stretching of fox pelts at Sachs Harbour. We also can see a few tent frames. Persons (left to right): Susie Sydney, Pat Keevik, Peter Sydney.
Agnes Nanogak is storytelling of some of she and her family’s many travels, of living in various places, and of of some of their experiences such as when her father fell in water and nearly froze to death, of when he made his own kayak boat with…

Peter Esau icing the sled runners during a stop for tea on return patrol from DeSalis Bay to Sachs Harbour.

A photo of Fred Carpenter standing watch on the schooner Blue Fox well they travel the ocean.

A photo of Big Jim Rogers and Fred Wolki standing on a schooner.

The image shows Fred Carpenter and Clara (Navaluq) Gully standing on some ice with a gun near by. (Photo by Peter Sydney)

The image shows Fred Carpenter and Peter Esau standing by a bearded seal that they caught. (photo by Peter Sydney)

The image shows Tom Chicksi and another person traveling in the spring near Siksik Island.

The snowhouses where 18 people lived. This was the first day the sun came back, the temperature was minus 35 degrees F.

The image shows Tim Lennie and Wallace skinning a polar bear.

A photo of Fred, Andy and Lucy Carpenter, Susie Wolki taking a break mining coal at mine at Naqhaluk.

The image shows the whole settlement leaving for Holman Island: 18 people, 7 teams and 56 dogs.

The image shows a Seal Oil Lamp inside a snow house with a few other things.

The image shows a Seal Oil Lamp in a Snow House, along with other dishes.

A photo of two dog sled teams with a skin boat near open water getting ready to go seal hunting.The photo includes Fred Carpenter, Illasiak, David Bernhardt.

The schooner North Star with Jim Cockney at the door of the wheelhouse.
Saturday Eskimo Request Show host Victor Allen airs Donald Kaglik singing a song about the Mad Trapper followed by Betty Cockney sending greetings. Felix Nuyaviaq is describing his trip to Anchorage, Alaska, and Donald Kaglik is speaking about how…
Sarah Kuptana continues storytelling about a good life, of the Hudson Bay Store, of her dad’s job, of getting a monthly rashion, of their travels, her parents illnesses, of various families, of fishing, hunting, and her first experiences of what…
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