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Mary Kailek is sharing her memories of she and her family’s activities during the summer and fall of their travels and living out on the land. Mary also mentions the visitors arriving to their camp, of passers by, of various chores, of sewing…
Laura Lucas is continuing her life stories. Part 2. To be continued.
Agnes Nigiyok is storytelling of the time when she was a young girl and adopted by her aunt and uncle. It was a time when there were no White People, of when they lived a traditional lifestyle, of when they still only used bows and arrows to hunt,…
Alexandria Elias interviews Susie Tiktalik about her younger days and she and her families travels to Banksland.
Alexandria Elias interviews Susie Tiktalik about when she was a young girl, and sharing stories that she remembers from long ago prior to European arrival. Final Part 2.
Host of A Native Voice Edward Lennie provides regional trapping news then airs William Kuptana’s Old Time Stories of how Inuvialuit lived long ago prior to Whiteman Arrival.
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