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A photo of Fred Carpenter holding a fur and Tommy Goose talking to each other with a fish net in front of both of them.

Group photo: Back row, left to right: Fred Carpenter, Mr. Harcorn(?), Mrs. Harcorn(?). Second row, left to right: Lennie Inglangasuk, his wife Sarah Lennie holding their son Sam Lennie, unidentified woman, Persis (née Lennie) Gruben, Lucy (née…

A photo of Fred Carpenter in open-water with a canoe made of bearded seal skin.

A photo of Fred Carpenter standing watch on the schooner Blue Fox well they travel the ocean.

A photo of Fred Carpenter and Simon Bennett beaching the schooner Blue Fox.

A photo of two dog sled teams with a skin boat near open water getting ready to go seal hunting.The photo includes Fred Carpenter, Illasiak, David Bernhardt.

The image shows Fred Carpenter and Clara (Navaluq) Gully standing on some ice with a gun near by. (Photo by Peter Sydney)

The image shows Fred Carpenter and Peter Esau standing by a bearded seal that they caught. (photo by Peter Sydney)

A photo of Fred Carpenter and Peter Esau with bearded seal they caught about 7-8 miles south of Sachs Harbour.

A photo of Fred and Andy Carpenter, David Bernhardt and Jim Wolki sitting on the ground taking a break.

A photo of Lucy and Fred Carpenter seated left and David Bernhardt standing with Jim Wolki getting ready to hunt geese.

A photo of Fred Carpenter with his children: Margaret, Mary, Noah and Joseph (Joe) posing outside a house. (Photo by Peter Sydney).

The schooner Blue Fox at Ulukhaktok. Simon Bennett and Fred Carpenter.

A photo of Fred, Andy and Lucy Carpenter, Susie Wolki taking a break mining coal at mine at Naqhaluk.

A photo of Lucy, Fred, Andy Carepenter, and Susie (Panikpak) Wolki all mining some coal at a mine at Naqhaluk.

The image shows a coal mine at Naqhaluk on Banks Island. We also can see Fred and Frank Carpenter, along with Fred Wolki posing for the photo.

A photo of Agnes and Fred Carpenter with their son George, in Eskimo parkas, on Easter Sunday morning.

Fred Carpenter, Geddes Wolki, Bill Benedek and Peter Esau in a boat taking pictures of polar bear in harbor.

Christmas dance at DOT. Barbara Carpenter, Geddes Wolki, Leslie Carpenter, Lena Tiktalik, Fred Carpenter (violin), Bill Benedek (RCMP) and Peter Esau
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