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Photo close-up of a man chatting with an elder lady wearing traditional parka during the Muskrat Jamboree events amongst other people.

Photo of elder lady kneeling over pile of wood attempting to kindle fire for the Tea Boiling contest, Muskrat Jamboree 2001.

Elders in traditional parkas sitting on snow bank enjoy watching Muskrat Jamboree events, 2001.

Tuk Summer Games (Aug '74) (14).jpeg
Two elderly ladies watch on at Northern Games events in Tuktoyaktuk 1974

Tuk Summer Games (Aug '74) (13).jpeg
Inuvialuit elder walking across Northern Games events grounds in Tuktoyaktuk dressed in traditional parka.

Tuk Summer Games (Aug '74) (8).jpeg
Two Elders interact during Northern Games events held in Tuktoyaktuk, 1974.

Tuk Summer Games (Aug '74) (1).jpeg
Elders drumming with traditional caribou-skin drums on stage at Tuk Summer Games (Northern Games)
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