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A video of Elder Lena Danielson speaking about her experiences growing up and living in different camps and communities in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region (ISR). She talks about what it was like when she got married, how her husband Johnny taught…
This is a video of Elder Madeline Smith of Aklavik being interviewed by Leonard Harry. She tells stories about her life and talks about how people used to live on the land. At the very end of the video a singing group from Alaska sings a song.
A video of Elder Colin Harry (aka Isaugan) telling stories about his life. He talks about being adopted, going to school, hunting, trapping, and herding reindeer.
A video of Elder Persis Gruben (aka Persus Gruben) speaking about her experiences growing up and moving around to different places in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region (ISR). She talks about how her family built shelters and what it was like to go to…
This is a video of Sandy Wolki telling stories about his life. He talks about the different places he and his family travelled and lived, and how they, and the other Inuvialuit, would hunt, trap, and live off the land. The last part of the video is a…
Events and games of the 2003 Ikalukpik Jamboree in Paulatuk.
The games and activities held at the 2003 Ikhalukpik Jamboree.
This is a video of the graduation ceremony for the Aurora College-Yukon College Early Childhood Development Certificate program and high school graduate, Angus Dillon. It was held at Angik School in Paulatuk, Northwest Territories and includes…
This video shows interviews with Elders Jane Esau, Alex Gordon, Hope Gordon, Kathleen Hansen, Tom Elanik, Fred Joe, and Amos Paul from Aklavik who have all passed on. They tell stories from their lives and explain how people lived long ago.
This is a video of Elder Lena Wolki talking about her life growing up and living on the land. She tells stories about how they used to hunt, fish, trap and prepare and preserve food for the winter.
A video Bryan Trottier's tour of the ISR which shows images and clips from the communities he visited as well as Bryan speaking about his visit.
A video of Elders from Paulatuk and Holman (who have passed away) telling stories from their past.
Interviews with elders Nora Ruben, Bertha Ruben, Albert Palvik, Alec Banksland, and Agnes Goose from Paulatuk who have all passed on. They each tell stories from their lives.
A video of Elder Emma Dick being interviewed about ?? interspersed with drum dancing and fiddling performances by different people and groups.
Interview with longtime Paulatuk resident Father Leon DeHurtevant.
The video begins with an inter view with Ray Ruben about the Ikhalukpik Jamboree. Following that, the video shows highlights of the events at the jamboree including shooting, jigging, and games. The video concludes with an interview with Anges Goose.
Highlights from the Ikhalukpik Jamboree, interviews, and information on forest fires.
Profile of the community of Paulatuk and local elder Ishmael Alunik.
A video of people from Inuvik and Paulatuk sending Christmas greetings and elders speaking about what Christmas means to them.
Profile of Garrett Ruben, who has served as a leader in the community of Paulatuk for more than twenty-four years.
The first part of this video shows Edith Haougak and Lena Wolki speaking Inuvialuktun without subtitles. The rest of the video shows outdoor scenes from Holman (Ulukhaktok), Sachs Harbour, Paulatuk, Tuktoyaktuk, Inuvik, and Aklavik.
The events of the 1989 Ikhalukpik Jamboree in Paulatuk.
Profile of Paulatuk taxidermist Steve Illisiak.

91 12 T Christmas Greetings-H
A video of people and groups expressing Christmas and New Year's greetings to friends and family in Inuvialuktun and English.
This video shows clips of some programs which aired on Suaangan during the 1992 season.
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