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A photo of Elizabeth Hansen, the 1989 Muskrat Jamboree Queen standing outside in a nice traditional parka, also wearing glasses and smiling.

A photo of Abel Tingmiak standing in a crowd of people wearing a hat.

The photo shows a few people holding up an Aboriginal Group Support Banner, that shows the idea of self governace for the aboriginals.

A photo of Wayne Goose an aboriginal support group member FMC.

A photo of Agnes Nigiyok (foreground) and Ida Kungayuna (background) in a room with many different kinds of fur on the table.

A photo of Brad Firth sitting down on a chair at the Aklavik Trapping Workshop listening to a speaker.

A photo of Albert Elias sitting down in a boat holding a fishing rod.

A photo of Alice Husky sitting down on the floor with a knife in her hand, we also can see musical instruments in the back ground.

A photo of two women standing in the middle of the room almost kissing. The photo includes: Left to Right: Dora Malegana, Annie B Gordon, Ella Gordon.

A photo of Anne B & Danny A Gordon kissing on a couch and holding a cake in the shape of a heart.

A photo of Annie C Gordon playing with a strings in her hand.

A photo of Annie Goose talking through a mic reading off from some paper notes. This was when she worked for CBC.

The photo shows twos boys trying the Arm Pull northen game, with a older man coaching them on. The photo includes: Mickey Lee Gordon, Leonard Harry, Marty McLeod.

The photo shows a group of people sitting and standing around a table, we also have a couple individuals in the background with microphones. The photo includes: Front Row - Jerry Arey, George Allen, Peter Elanik, Billy Archie, Titus Allen, Back…

A photo of assistant executive director Bill Goose talking into a microphone.

A photo of Betty Haogak leaning on a table and holding a pencil in her hand.

A photo of Bill & Annie Goose sitting at a table that has a microphone and some papers on it.

A photo of Bill Crossman sitting at a desk looking at some papers, and holding a pencil to write on them.

A photo of Billy Ruben sitting/kneeling on the ground holding an object in his hand.

A photo of Bob & Brian Gully, one of them is on the phone and the other is standing behind him.
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