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The photo shows a team picture of thr Roy Hockey Team. The photo includes: Front Row-Left to Right

A photo of Sandra Ipana standing over a printer or fax machine, either picking up the papers or she is faxing the papers.

A photo of Wally Firth standing up wearing a hat and headset on his head.

A head photo of Rosemarie Kuptana.

A photo of Bill Crossman sitting at a desk looking at some papers, and holding a pencil to write on them.

A photo of another man that is unidentified person sitting at a desk with a computer on it and printing or fax machine.

A photo of a man that is unidentified person, hes wearing a nice sweater and also has a mustache.

The photo shows a few individuals sitting at a couple of different desks. One desk has a microphone on it, with a brefcase on it. The photo includes: Front Row: Left to Right

The photo shows a group of men sitting at a table in a wooden building having a meeting. The photo includes: Left to Right: Vince Teddy, Alex Aviugana, Roger Gruben, Knute Hansen, Unidentified Person.

A head photo of Robert Kuptana dressed in a nice traditional parka, wearing glasses.

The photo shows several elders sitting and kneeling on some rocks playing the ring toss game. The photo includes: Left to Right: Jane Esau, James Gordon, Jean Tardiff, Kathleen Hansen, Identified Person.

The photo shows a man that is standing up holding a tray of traditional food in his hand. We also can see a few people sitting at a table having something to eat. The photo includes: 1. Richard Gordon, 2. Tom Arey Sr., Diane Gordon.

A photo of a man that is laying down on the land on some rocks with a carving in his hand.

A photo of Bill & Annie Goose sitting at a table that has a microphone and some papers on it.

The photo shows a Inuvialuk Researcher, Renie Arey interviewing Inuvialuk elder David Roland at Shingle Point .

The photo shows another view of the Canadian Rangers and their commanders in a nice group photo outside the old Finto.

The photo shows the Canadian Rangers and their commanders in a nice group photo outside the old Finto.

The photo shows the Canadian Rangers standing in a room in a nice striaght line with their guns. The photo includes: 1. Left to Right: Dougie Joe, Nellie Elanik, Angus Alunik, William Day.

A photo of Randal Pokiak sitting in a parking lot in a city somewhere, he is also holding his son.

The photo shows a couple of people standing on a beach on the land somewhere. The photo includes: Right: Randal Pokiak.
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