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The photo shows a man laying down on the couch with two girls, Angela & Anna sitting down on the couch with him.

A photo of a man sitting down on a couch looking at the camera.

A photo of a woman wearing glasses.

The photo shows a man resting on a couch.

A photo of a couple that are leaning in towards each other on a couch.

The photo shows a couple of men sitting on a couch crossing their arms.

The photo shows a woman sitting on the floor, smiling, a couple of other people sitting on a couch behind her.

The photo shows houses and tents, with barrels around. We can also see a bay with ice on It.

The photo shows an airplane that is loading up with people and luggage. Several dogs are in the photo. We also can see a few buildings in the background.

A photo of a group of people that may be a family close together. The photo includes: Guy, Agnes & Fred Alatukak, Suzie Helen.

A photo of a women sitting on a log having some tea and another lady by table in the background by the house.

A photo of Ernie & Myra Bernhardt sitting down on a couple of logs by a fire pit and a house or cabin beside them.

The photo shows a hill with cliffs arcoss the bay.

The photo shows a few tents on the shore of the bay with a boat tied up on shore.

The photo shows a tent frame structure with a couple of barrels around it.

A photo of a family that is sitting on the steps of a house. The photo includes: Kimberly, Myra, Donna.

A photo of Marion Bolt sitting on the ground holding one of her girls with the other one sitting on the ground beside her.

A photo of Marion Bolt sitting down on the ground with two little girls sittng in front of her.
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