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Four individuals playing the drums and singing. The photo includes from left to right: Freeman Kimiksana, Raddi Koiksak, Silas Kangegana, Joe Nasogaluak.

Debbie Gordon-Ruben performing a drum dance in traditional clothing.

Mackenzie Drummers & Dancers resting. The photo includes: 1. Alex Gordon, 2. look like Jean Gruben, 3. Amos Paul, 4. Sarah Kalinek.

Mackenzie Drummers & Dancers taking a break. The photo includes: 1. Danny A. Gordon, 2. Alex Gordon, 3. Amos Paul, 4. Unidentified person, 5. Kathleen Hansen 6. Hope Gordon.

Mackenzie dancers performing a dance. The photo includes (Left to Right): Sarah Mangelana, Ralph Kimiksana, Sarah Tingmiak.

Mackenzie Drummers & Dancers sitting on chairs waiting to perform. The photo includes: 1. Alex Gordon, 2. look like Jean Gruben, 3. Amos Paul, 4. Sarah Kalinek, 5. Unidentified Person, 6. Hope Gordon.

Aklavik Drum Dancer Alex Gordon performing a dance.

Dancers and a drummer perform dances and songs during the night. The photo includes (from left to right): Sarah Tingmiak, Martha & George Harry(sitting).

Sarah Mangelana performing a dance.

A young girl dancing in front of some Mackenzie dancers and drummers. The photo includes: 1. Melissa Kisoun, 2. Meeka Steen, 3. Billy Day_

Ralph Kimiksana performing a drum dance.

Dancers performing a drum dance. The photo includes (left to right): Deanna McPherson, Gloria Nasogaluak, Terry-Lee Dillon Kuptana.

Drummers and dancers outside the IRC building waiting to perform. The photo includes: 1. Wilbert Papik, 2. might be William Day, 3. Donna Pemberton (Arey), 4. George Harry, 5. Jimmy Meyook, 6. Elsa Boudreau

Drum drancers performing in a parade in Inuvik. The photo includes: 1. Sarah Tingmiak, 2. Abel Tingmiak, 3. George Harry, 4. C. Cockney, 5. Martha Harry

Drum dancers on a parade trailer performing. The photo includes: 1. Martha Harry, 2. George Harry.

Drum dancers performing on the road way. The photo includes: Back Row (left to right): George Harry, Martha Harry, Sarah Tingmiak, Jean Arey, Cathy Cockney, Dancer: Abel Tingmiak, (far right-Unidentified Person).

Drummers and dancers preparing for performance in parade.

Drummers getting ready to be flimed by a crew. The photo includes: left to right: Cathy Cockney, Wilbert Papik, Unidentified Person, Unidentified Person, Unidentified Person.

Flim crew getting ready to flim drum dancers. The photo includes from right to left: Wilbert Papik, Cathy Cockney.

Drummers and dancers performing on stage.
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