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The photo shows us two adults with one of them holding a baby. They are all dressed in traditional clothes. The photo includes: Phillip Hoagaq, Jean Pigalaq, Edith Hoagak.

A headshot of Bessie Lennie(Ivaraluk) Tim Lennie's daughter in traditional clothes.

The image shows a tent with a man doing something with some logs and a boy with a bow at Reid Island (Qiqiktanayuq).

The image shows a few building in the distance in the dark with some kind of lighting.

The photo shows a few people sitting and standing by a post. We can also see a few building and lots of barrels. The photo includes Sarah Gruben, Persis Gruben, Agnes Gruben, Margaret Lennie, Sam Lennie, Charlie Gruben.

A photo that includes: Mark Immiraq, Yvonne Udjak, Paul Ipilun, Terry Nuqalaq, Mary Uyaraktak, Martha Kudlak, Nicol Uluarguk. The photo shows everyone lined up against a wall getting their photo taken, also everyone is dressed in traditional…

A photo of Simone Goose, Paulette Aligammik, and Terry Nugalaq playing some kind of card game, maybe go fish.

A photo of Carrie Goose performing some sort of task with a log.

A headshot of Carrie Goose in traditional clothing.

A photo of Denis Avagana (Martha Kudlak’s brother) and Father Metayer inside a church sitting down.

A photo of Simon Katauyaq Ungirun climbing on some branches.

The image shows a couple of dog teams with the lead team singling to the other two teams to stop.

A photo of Jimmy Memorana creating a piece of art.

A photo of Jimmy Memoran cutting up some animal parts. We also can see some fish hanging in the background by a building.

A photo of Simone Goose in traditional clothes doing some task with a little child standing beside her.

The image shows a building and some sort of drying rack that is drying maybe fish at Mashuriaq.

A photo of Edward Manuyaq looking cold in the winter time with frost on his whiskers.

The image shows a race with dog teams with empty sleds.

A photo of Father Metayer sitting on the ground doing some task, Molly Goose and Carrie Goose sitting and standing by a tent, and Louie Goose (front) playing with a toy gun made out of wood. ; Mashuiaq.

A photo of Father Bulliard in traditional clothing holding a gun by a boat.
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