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A photo of a group of ladies standing against the wall. Some of them are wearing traditional clothing.

A photo of a man thought to be Allen Chicksi sitting on a box outside a house on a deck.

A photo of Anna Felix standing by a doorway to a house in the winter time. She is wearing a parka and a pair of mukluks.

The image shows two men with their arms around a third man up against a log building. The photo includes: left to right: Tom Kimiksana, Kelly Ovayuak and Noah Felix.

A photo of Bobby Gruben and Roger Gruben playing the guitar with a young kid beside one of the boys.

A group photo of women standing together in front of a brick wall.

A photo that includes Bunigiok Kangoam Polianga. A photo of a dog standing on his back legs and a young man dressed in traditional clothes that include a parka.

The image shows two unnamed women standing on grass by a roadway with cars and buldings in the background.

A group photo taken by a tractor. The photo includes from the back row-left to right-might be John Dick, Bobby Chicksi, Big Joe Nasogaluak, Unidentified person, Richard Dick, Amos Cockney Front row-left to right-unidentified person, Joseph Taylor

The image shows a young child dressed in traditional clothes with a canoe behind him.

A photo of two young children standing together holding cans of pop. We also can see a wood pile in the background. The photo includes Left to Right: Dougie Joe and Brian Rogers

The image shows a cargo plane with its front open unloading some cargo. We also can see a tractor parked on the side.

A photo of Chicksi standing in water with ice around him.

The photo includes From Left to Right: Marcy Tingmiak ?, Myra Bernhardt, unidentified person, unidentified person. The group of people are facing each other and one lady is holding a baby.

A photo of Colis Dick and Sam Anikina dressed in traditional clothes. One of the men is smiling and the other looks like he is very tired.

A photo of Donald Kuptana (Obie Anikina ?) playing pool, lining up a shot.

The image shows three men, all of them are dressed in robes. We can also see a building and a power line in the background. to Millie Chicksi. Left to Right: unidentified person, unidentified person, William Chicksi

A photo of Effie Rogers standing by a tree and two roadways.

A photo of Elijah Sydney dressed in traditional clothing.

A photo of Elizabeth Kimiksana standing by a teepee. She is dressed in traditional clothes.
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