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A photo of two men sitting on a log drinking something. We also can see a few rusted out metal objects around them.

A photo of either Emma or Eva Raddi and Effie Rogers standing by a wall that has a pattern in it.

A group photo of women standing together in front of a brick wall.

The image shows two unnamed women standing on grass by a roadway with cars and buldings in the background.

A photo of a man thought to be Allen Chicksi sitting on a box outside a house on a deck.

The image shows two children playing with a box. One of them is inside the box with the other one holding the box.

The photo shows a group of women sitting on a bench in a park with a few trees behind them. The photo includes from Left to Right: unidentified person, Effie Rogers, Eva or Emma Raddi, unidentified person

The image shows two unnamed women standing on a rock in park. We also can see a couple of building in the background and a bench.

A photo of Tom Chicksi and an unnamed woman.

The image shows three men, all of them are dressed in robes. We can also see a building and a power line in the background. to Millie Chicksi. Left to Right: unidentified person, unidentified person, William Chicksi

A photo of Saomik looing through a telescope.

A photo of Rose Gully looking down and an unnamed man looking at the camera. We also have a dog beside them.

A photo of Mr (Tommy) and Mrs Chicksi standing side by side near a few bulidings.

A photo of Milosak Ovalo Siksi and another unnamed man in a very worn out photo.

A photo of three men laying down and sitting around a small table eating and drinking some tea, with tents around them. The photo includes Kaotoak and Inotalik.

A photo of Jimmy Gordon by a log cabin in the winter.

A photo of Foster Allen Sr. sitting down in a bed.

The image shows a women taking care of three young babies in a house.

The image shows a young child standing in something that looks like a crib in a house.

A photo of Emmanuel with a cigarette in his month and Christina Felix holding something that looks like a book.
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