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A group photo that includes the following from the Back: William Saumiq (Chicksigaluk's son), Igiyuryaq (Jean Urina's stepfather-was born from West), Kuhiluk, Charlie Rowan, Mark Immirak, Tommy Niulurana, Taluq (Napayuq), Gerard Chiksigaluk, Niriyuna…

The photo shows a group of men with captain wearing captain hats on a boat.

A photo of two men standing beside each other dressed in traditional clothes.

The image shows a boat in the distance traveling by St. Roch.

The images shows a group of people sitting around a make shift table eating and drinking. The table has pots and plates with cups on it. The photo includes the following: Harry Inuqiqłak, George Harry’s dad, second from left, and Jane Esau (far…

The image shows three men standing beside each other on rocks. The photo includes Charlie Rowan (Hudson Bay Co. manager), McIsaak (Canalaska manager), David Bernhardt.

The photo includes William Kuptana, his first wife & family standing together in front of a house that has snow piled up to the roof top.

The image shows three young men standing together in traditional clothing in front of a snowhouse. The photo includes the “Chicksi and sons”: William Saumik, Gerard Chick- sigaluk, and Tommy Niulurana.

A photo of Billie Edwards (Kikoak) standing in water just over his ankle, with ice behind him.

A photo of Billie Edwards or Kikoak/Qikuaq standing in front of a building with a table of ice in between the two.

The image shows the Midnight sun over top a few hills in the background with a bay of water in front of the hills.

The photo shows Charlie Rowan, Ernest Donovan (RCMP Const.), and Emigoh(?) taking a break from doing some shoveling for a photo.

A photo that includes C.V. Rowan, Father Bulliard, and Ernest Donovan getting thier photo taken standing by a sled with buildings in the background.

A photo that includes Harry Taliriktuk, Ernest Donovan, Mr. Webster (Anglican M), Victor Ikutaq (Rufu Niriunaq’s husband). The group of individuals are sitting on a loaded sled.

A photo of Ema Whitman and Charles Rowan standing in the driveway of a house.

The image shows a camp along Mack river. The camp is made up of tents and a few teepee objects.

A photo of Banks Island from the distance.

The photo shows the stock at the H Collinson Store. We can see some pots, blankets, plates, and a few other goods.

A photo of Bob Cockney (far left), Walter Avilurtuq (B. Cockney's son), Sgt. Mackuson, Const. McKensie (?) standing on a boat looking at the camera.

A photo of Nerriuna, H. Coll standing in traditional clothes looking at the camera.
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