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Andrew Kunnizzi is telling a story (to someone whose voice sounds like Father Le Meur) about a medicine man in English for the Gwich’in radio program.
Frank Cockney continues his final conversations with Freeman Kimiksana about past lifestyles and present lifestyle and cultural changes including traditional education versus modern education and employment, along with new government laws and hunting…
Frank Cockney is storytelling of his travels, of various families, where they lived, of fun times when he and others would hunt together and race back home with their dogs, of playing poker with whitefoxes, of treacherous ice and open water…
Cathy Cockney interviews Hilda Irish, Bella Arey, Lucy Arey, and Louie Paul about their family genealogies with help from interpreter Rosie Archie.
Cathy Cockney interviews Hugh and Effie Rogers about their family genealogies. Cathy then interviews Rosie Archie about her family genealogy.
Persis Gruben continues storytelling about she and other’s experiences at the residential school at Tapqaq (Shingle Point) and also mentions other’s experiences at Hay River, Northwest Territories, including their English language barrier, the…
Roddy (sp) Peters is translates the legend in English that William Nersyoo told him, in Gwich’in, about the Peel River Gwich’in and the man from the Yukon. Story ends abruptly at the 21:02 minute mark. Part 1. To be continued.
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