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The image shows three young men standing together in traditional clothing in front of a snowhouse. The photo includes the “Chicksi and sons”: William Saumik, Gerard Chick- sigaluk, and Tommy Niulurana.

The image shows the Midnight sun over top a few hills in the background with a bay of water in front of the hills.

A photo that includes Harry Taliriktuk, Ernest Donovan, Mr. Webster (Anglican M), Victor Ikutaq (Rufu Niriunaq’s husband). The group of individuals are sitting on a loaded sled.

A photo of Nerriuna, H. Coll standing in traditional clothes looking at the camera.

The image shows three men standing beside each other on rocks. The photo includes Charlie Rowan (Hudson Bay Co. manager), McIsaak (Canalaska manager), David Bernhardt.

A photo of Hiruna (Susie Tiktalik's brother, Annie Kunana's husband) standing in front of a snow house.

A photo of Quyeraetuk (Imirak’s younger brother) and Katauyaq (Philip Haogak’s brother (?) (different dad) Uniyaq’s son) standing beside each other and by a cabin.

The photo shows a man dressed in traditional clothes wearing traditional snow goggles. We also can see a dog sled team and a cabin. Iligait is captured in the photo.

A photo showing a Hudson’s Bay Company post. The camp consist of a few bulidings and a canoe.

The schooner Blue Fox at Canalaska post at Walker Bay. Unable to reach mainland after spending winter 1932-33 on Banks Island. The party left furs and note in exchange for supplies.
Amos Tumma is sharing memories of his younger days of he and other’s travels and lifestyle long ago.
Mary Kailek is sharing more life stories from long ago of their travels, shares some funny stories, of clean ice water, of she and other’s having to go to Aklavik for their tooth extractions, arrival of the Hudson Bay Boat, the numerous tents, and…
Frank Kuptana is sharing more memories of his lifestyle after getting married, of when he and his wife’s travels and living on the the land, hunting, trapping, fishing, getting ice and wood, and tells stories of living the traditional life,…
Agnes Nanogak is storytelling of some of she and her family’s many travels, of living in various places, and of of some of their experiences such as when her father fell in water and nearly froze to death, of when he made his own kayak boat with…
Inuvialuktun host, Ishmael Suuyuq Alunik, introduces William Kuptana who is storytelling about his lifestyle when he was a young man, of when Inuvialuit gathered together including their traditional hunting and fishing methods prior to Whiteman…
William Kuptana is storytelling about Kullaq, the very good polar bear hunter, of the first people, the Kangiryuarmiut, that started going to Ikaahuk (Sachs Harbour), Banksland, of the (Eastern Inuit) Qangmalit old timers who called it "Ikaahuk"…
Hester Adam is continuing her life stories of her younger days, of when she got married, of traveling for Christmas, of a young girl passing away, of trapping, and more.
Radio host Ishmael Suuyuk Alunik airs Agnes Nigiyok who is telling the story of when they were sailing accross the ocean and got shipwrecked on the A Long Time Ago program.
Persis Gruben is stortyelling about orphans, of various people and or families at various locations they lived at including the different homes they lived in. She also spoke of water and heating oil not being delivered to them but rather they would…
Sarah Kuptana continues to share more memories of her younger days of happy times, hard times, fearful times, then suffering with sickness that she did not know was TB (tuberculosis). She shares about how she was eventually transported by boat to…
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