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A video of Elder Frank Cockney talking about his experiences growing up and living in various areas of the Mackenzie Delta region.
Mary Kailek is storytelling from the 1937 era, of when she was doing a lot of sewing, of visitors and listening to storytelling in the evenings, of their travels for Christmas and New Years, stories of her dad and Joe trapping and hunting stories, of…
Mary Kailek is continuing to share her memories from 1942 and 1943 of: she and her family’’s activities such as hunting, trapping, of various people, of their travels, of going to Aklavik for Easter, Peffer’s Hotel, Banksland people who flew to…
Radio host, Ishmael Alunik, introduces Abe Auktalik Okpik who interviews Elder Elijah Harley about his hunting and trapping, in his younger days, sparked by a public meeting the day before.
Shirley Elias interviews Agnes Goose about her family, their travels, and lifestyle long ago as well as historical stories from the past.
Host Frank Cockney speaks with Aklavik Elders Archie Erigaktuk (Ir̂igaaktuk), Mary Archie, Dora Malegana and Johnny Malegana (Maligiana) who are speaking to and sending greetings to family and friends on the Inuit Program.

The photo is taken at a place called “AKULIQ”. In the photo we can see a few people, along with a log cabin. Women with back to us - Carrie Adam (Paul Adam’s mom), women in white parkav- (“Korra”?) Bessie Wolki’s sister{Isaac’s 1st…
Agnes White interviews Albert Oliver about when he was traveling and living around Banksland as well as other places he and other’s traveled and lived, and more.
Albert Oliver (Niqsialuq) is telling stories about long ago of his parents, of Annaqtuuq, and others when they were living at Ukiivik, of fishing, trapping, and and hunting stories, including a beluga whale hunting story. Albert also tells of…
Elder Amos Tumma is telling stories of hunting, fishing, trapping, and his many travels and how he and others lived long ago as well as the many changes.
Annie Emaghok is sharing a story that her mother told her of the very challenging times that she has endured long ago as well as stories from when she was young. After a short period of silence, Betty Cockney’s storytelling was already in progress…

The image shows Lennie Inglangasuk (back) and Hugh Igiluriatchiaq (front; Sarah Tingmiak's Mom's brother) canoeing on the river. Credit: Martha Harry

A photo of Charlie (Kitli) Rufus holding some kind of animal in the bushes somewhere. Credit: Martha Harry

A photo of a group of men posing for a photo in front of a couple of log buildings. Credit: Martha Harry

A photo of Charlie Kitli and Old Man Rufus Kitli with a dog sled team in the bushes. Credit: Martha Harry

The image shows three dog sled teams traveling. Credit: Martha Harry
Donald Kaglik is sharing stories of his memories of his younger days of his travels, an accidential fire, an injury that landed him in the hospital, an RCMP member's disbelief in shamans, his years in the residential school, an educational and…
Donald Kaglik is continuing to share stories of his memories of his younger days of muskrat hunting, of his travels, a comical bumble bee story, high water and camp flooding, working for wages, of when the government divided up hunting and trapping…
Donald Kaglik is continuing to share stories of his memories of his younger days of his travels, of almost drowning, of a haunting scare, the end of the Semmler’s Mink Farm and he and other hired hands helped Semmler’s move to Inuvik when Inuvik…
Cathy Cockney is completing the remainder of Dora Malegana’s genealogy then interviews Elizabeth Elanik about her family genealogy with help from interpreter Rosie Archie.
Edgar Kotokak and Andy Cockney are telling oldtime stories including their lifestyle stories while speaking with the unidentified interviewer.
Host of A Native Voice Edward Lennie interviews Victor Allen and Sam Raddi about the COPE meeting and Imperial Oil’s proposed oil company work and hunting, fishing, and wildife concerns.
Cathy Cockney is interviewing Emma Dick about her family genealogy.
Eva Raddi is being interviewed about her lifestyle long ago by an unidentified interviewer followed by Noah Felix who is also being interviewed about his lifestyle long ago. They also share personal life stories.

A photo of Lockhead F-80 Shooting Star Jet, United States Air Force, Probably cold weather trials-early 1950s. Credit: Martha Harry
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