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  • Spatial Coverage is exactly "Uummaq (Mackenzie Delta)"

The photo shows an aerial view of the Mackenzie Delta in the Northwest Territories.

A photo of Lockhead F-80 Shooting Star Jet, United States Air Force, Probably cold weather trials-early 1950s. Credit: Martha Harry

A photo of four men standing on a boat. Credit: Martha Harry

A photo of a group of men posing for a photo in front of a couple of log buildings. Credit: Martha Harry

The image shows three dog sled teams traveling. Credit: Martha Harry

The image shows a couple of conoes with a group of men that are getting some drift wood, as well as a pack of dogs on the shore. Credit: Martha Harry

A photo of people standing on a boat getting their photo taken. Credit: Martha Harry

A photo of Charlie Kitli and Old Man Rufus Kitli with a dog sled team in the bushes. Credit: Martha Harry

The image shows a group of people some standing and some sitting, getting their photo taken Credit: Martha Harry

A photo of Tom Elanik standing in a boat on the river. Credit: Martha Harry

The image shows a few tents and some wind breakers made of snow, along with a dog sled. Credit: Martha Harry

The image shows Lennie Inglangasuk (back) and Hugh Igiluriatchiaq (front; Sarah Tingmiak's Mom's brother) canoeing on the river. Credit: Martha Harry

A photo of Simon Arnaktuk's Boat called the Credit: Martha Harry

The image shows the steamboat: Credit: Martha Harry

The image shows a group of people posing for a group photo all dressed in traditional clothing in the winter time, Woman Misuniq. Credit: Martha Harry

The photo is taken at a place called “AKULIQ”. In the photo we can see a few people, along with a log cabin. Women with back to us - Carrie Adam (Paul Adam’s mom), women in white parkav- (“Korra”?) Bessie Wolki’s sister{Isaac’s 1st…

A photo of three small children at a camp in the delta. Left to Right: Persis (Lennie) Gruben, Winnie (Lennie) Cockney and Alexandria Elias (Ulukuluk). Credit: Martha Harry

A photo of Charlie (Kitli) Rufus holding some kind of animal in the bushes somewhere. Credit: Martha Harry

The image shows a summer camp made up of tents and a few wood structures in the delta. In the photo we can see a child being loved up by a couple of dogs and a women in the background smiling. Credit: Martha Harry

A photo of a dogsled team outside of Wolki's Trading Post.
The Federation North of 60 meeting is continued in English with discussion of the constitution and acknowledgement of the new member of parliament Wally Firth.
The recording is of a meeting that was already in progress in English regarding plans for proposed funding for the Indigenous Northern Games and teaching of the northern games and other topics of discussion such as COPE (The Committee of People’s…
Ivy Raddi is completing her life stories, is sharing memories of her younger days, and is sharing her wisdom and advice to the listeners. Final, part 5.
Buster Kailek is storytelling about how Inuvialuit lived prior to European contact, about how they made fire long ago, about fishing, about caribou hunting methods prior to modern guns with his uncle and others, about all the many uses of caribou for…
Mary Kailek is continuing her life stories sharing more memories of when she was younger when her dad worked with the Hudson Bay Company, when her mom would be sewing, of the rat sunday services, of her travels with her parents, of various people, of…
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