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  • Spatial Coverage is exactly "Uluksaqtuuq (Ulukhaktok)"
Adam Emaghok then Joseph Avik are interviewed about their lifestyles long ago. They also share stories and memories from their younger days.
Murielle Nagy and Agnes White continue to interview Agnes Carpenter about her personal and Inuvialuit lifestyle long ago. Agnes shares more memories and stories of her younger days. At the 21:26 minute mark, it suddenly switches to an interview…
Shirley Elias interviews Agnes Goose about her family, their travels, and lifestyle long ago as well as historical stories from the past.
Cathy Cockney is interviewing Agnes Goose, with some help from an unidentified interpreter, about her family genealogy.
Agnes White, who is speaking from Sachs Harbour, continues storytelling and sharing memories of her younger days. Note: The first half of the audio is a repeat of
Shirley Elias interviews Albert Elias about his lifestyle when he was younger, his genealogy, and Albert also shares some old time stories.
Agnes White interviews Albert Oliver about when he was traveling and living around Banksland as well as other places he and other’s traveled and lived, and more.
Shirley Elias interviews Alec Banksland about his lifestyle long ago, about how Inuvialuit lived long ago, and about his dad’s travels with the Steffansson’s expedition. Note: audio is sometimes low. They also interview Alec about traditional…
Cathy Cockney is interviewing Aliknak Banksland, with the help of an unidentified interpreter, about the old traditional drum songs that he heard and learned from long ago from when he was small.
Cathy Cockney is interviewing Aliknak Banksland about his family genealogy with some help from an unidentified interpreter. Cathy also interviews Aliknak about he and his family’s lifestyles longago.
Cathy Cockney is interviewing Andrew Akoakhion about his family genealogy with help from an unidentified interpreter.
Murielle Nagy and Agnes White continue interviewing Andy Carpenter about his traditional knowledge of the land area, the animals, his experiences, archeology, and more.
Shirley Elias interviews Agnes Goose who also shares memories and stories from her younger days. She also identifies people in photographs.
Agnes White interviews Collis Dick and Paul Adam about their lifestyles, places they’ve traveled, and they also share stories.
Interview was already in progress with David Nasogaluk with Agnes White about his lifestyle long ago. David also shares historical stories.
Murielle Nagy and Agnes White continue interviewing Edith Haogak and Sarah Kuptana about traditional place names and about their lifestyle and stories from long ago. Edith and Sarah also identify people in the photos and share some genealogy.
Agnes White interviews Edith Haogak who is also storytelling about their lifestyle and traditional land use areas when she was younger including stories about her parents, and more. Audio fades in and out sometimes.
Murielle Nagy and Jean Harry are interviewing Edith Haogak about the traditional areas that they were flying over. Edith also shares stories about the areas they were flying over. She also identifies the traditional areas where they lived and…
Cathy Cockney is interviewing Elizabeth Banksland about her family genealogy. Elizabeth also shares her mom’s heartbreaking story of childhood abandonment and survival as well as of starvation and cannibalism. Part 1. To be continued.
Cathy Cockney is completing the genealogy interview with Elizabeth Banksland.
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