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Agnes White interviews Frank Cockney about his lifestyle, places he’s traveled, and traditional land use areas in his younger days. Frank also shares some stories.
Cathy Cockney is interviewing Andrew and Eva Joe in English about their family genealogies.
Laura Lucas is completing the final part 3, of her life stories.
Murielle Nagy and Agnes White interview Peter Esau about his genealogy, his lifestyle, and his life stories
Albert Oliver (Niqsialuq) is telling stories about long ago of his parents, of Annaqtuuq, and others when they were living at Ukiivik, of fishing, trapping, and and hunting stories, including a beluga whale hunting story. Albert also tells of…
Agnes White interviews Alexandria Elias who is storytelling about when she first went to Banksland as well as her lifestyle when she was younger. Part 1. To be continued.
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