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  • Spatial Coverage is exactly "Swan Lake"
Morris Nigiyok is continuing part 2 his storytelling of his younger days of his travels, hunting trips, dogteam races, and more.
Agnes White interviews Peter Esau and Shirley Esau about identifying traditional land use areas, various families who lived there long ago, and more. They also share some memories and stories from the areas they traveled to. Audio is not always…
Interview was already in progress with David Nasogaluk with Agnes White about his lifestyle long ago. David also shares historical stories.
Agnes White and Murielle Nagy interview Frank Kudlak about his lifestyle long ago, about the animals, about traditional place names, and Frank also shares stories from his younger days. Note: audio is sometimes low. Murielle also interviews Edith…
Murielle Nagy and Agnes White interview John Lucas Sr about his genealogy, his lifestyle, and life stories. The second half of the recording is a repeat of the first half of the recording.
Murielle Nagy and Agnes White continue interviewing Andy Carpenter about his traditional knowledge of the land area, the animals, his experiences, archeology, and more.
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