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  • Spatial Coverage is exactly "Stewart River"

The photo shows art that is hanging up on the wall.

A photo of a man sitting at the bank of the Steward River, looking toward the river.

The photo shows a man standing in a boat with a gas can getting ready to load the can in the boat or remove it.

The photo shows a Sunset & Thunderstorm on the Steward River.

The photo shows a couple of boats on the shore of a river.

The photo shows a woman sitting in a chair with a shed and a clothing line behind her.

The photo shows a man sitting in a chair beside the nice white house, with a clothing line behind him.

The photo shows a buidling with a sign beside it saying "Steward River, Site of Steward City Shipping Transfer point for silver-lead ore" on it.

The photo shows a building called Burian's Store with nice old truck in front of the store. We can also see another building and a shed.

The photo shows a nice white house surround by nice looked after grass with a green house and a shed.
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