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Amos Tumma is sharing memories of his younger days of he and other’s travels and lifestyle long ago.
Elder Amos Tumma is telling stories of hunting, fishing, trapping, and his many travels and how he and others lived long ago as well as the many changes.
Elder Amos Tumma is telling stories from when he was a boy in the early 1900’s of when the European bowhead whalers would winter at Qikiqtarr̂uq and the events he witnessed. He also tells of a widow and her two sons who were always hunting and…
The People Speak host Rosie Albert interiews Michael Amos, Bessie Amos, and Susie Tiktalik about the Elder’s prophecy of White people coming to Canada and taking over and polluting land and waters as their own. The Elders also talk about oil…
A video of Elders from the Beaufort Sea and Mackenzie Delta areas (who have passed away) telling stories from their past.
This is a video of Elder Colin Allen talking about his life. He tells stories about growing up, the jobs he had, where he lived, and how he hunted, trapped, fished, and lived off of the land.
Murielle Nagy and Agnes White interview Peter Sydney about his lifestyle long ago, of his travels, and places he’s lived, and more. They also viewed maps while discussing the historical contexts of the the time of year, and the place names of the…
Edgar Kotokak and Andy Cockney are telling oldtime stories including their lifestyle stories while speaking with the unidentified interviewer.
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