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Radio host Rosie Albert is hosting the The People Speak Inuit Program that includes guest speakers John Ruben and Allan Soosuk.
Yakutsk music and singers recorded in Yakut, language of Northeast Siberia.
Host of The People Speak Inuit, Rosie Albert is providing news in the beginning then in between speakers, followed by John Ruben who is telling old time stories. (The audio is very bad and cuts in and out when John is speaking). Allen Soosuk is…
Long Time Ago host,Ishmael Alunik is telling stories about the numerous Inupiat and the Inuvialuit cultural and traditional knowledge teachings passed on generationally to the young.
Cathy Cockney interviews Hilda Irish, Bella Arey, Lucy Arey, and Louie Paul about their family genealogies with help from interpreter Rosie Archie.
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