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The image shows a tent with a man doing something with some logs and a boy with a bow at Reid Island (Qiqiktanayuq).

The image shows a few men and children standing in a line getting their photo taken. The photo includes Jimmy Memoran, Taptuna, Kimaktun, Guy Hulurak, Unidentified person, Alex Alighyaq, Kullaq. Qiqiqtunayuq;
Frank Kuptana is sharing more memories of his lifestyle after getting married, of when he and his wife’s travels and living on the the land, hunting, trapping, fishing, getting ice and wood, and tells stories of living the traditional life,…
Alice Agnaoyak is completing her final life story of their nomadic lifestyle when she was young, of being very fearful when she first saw people drinking alcohol, of when the Dewline was first starting up, and more. Final, Part 9.
Sarah Kuptana is sharing her first memories of of their travels, of huntng, of their lifestyle, of large Inuit gatherings, of abandonment, illnesses, deaths, and more when she was a young girl, when they lived a nomadic lifestyle. Part 1. To be…
Michael Amos is storytelling about when he and others were hauling freight to Ulukhaktok N.T. from Tuktoyaktuk, of their challenges, close call experiences during their boating journey, and stops along the way, on the A Long Time Ago program hosted…
Elder Amos Tumma is telling old time stories of his younger days of hunting and travelling, and of his wife’s grandfather’s stories from long ago of how they lived, working hard, hardly sleeping, hunting for their food prior to arrival of…
A video of Elder Lena Danielson speaking about her experiences growing up and living in different camps and communities in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region (ISR). She talks about what it was like when she got married, how her husband Johnny taught…
Shirley Elias and Murielle Nagy interview Jimmy Memogana about his lifestyle and his travels long ago, as well as stories from his younger days. Jimmy also sings a song in Inuvialuktun. They also discuss traditional place names.
Olga and David Roland, Agnes White, and Murielle Nagy continue viewing and discussing the historical contexts and contents of the photos including, the year, and location of the photos, as well as sharing personal stories in Inuvialuktun and English.
Agnes White and Murelle Nagy interview Olga and David Rolland about their life stories, of their histories, of their origins, their families, of their travels, and places they’ve lived, and much more. They also viewed maps and photographs while…
Cathy Cockney interviews Marguerite Egotak and Harry Egotak about their family genealogies with help from an unidentified interpreter.
Cathy Cockney interviews Jean and William Kagyut with help from an unidentified interpreter.
Cathy Cockney interviews Hugh and Effie Rogers about their family genealogies. Cathy then interviews Rosie Archie about her family genealogy.
Cathy Cockney interviews George Okheena then Mary Okheena about their family genealogies with help from an unidentified interpreter.
Cathy Cockney interviews Esau Elgayak then Ida Aivek about their family genealogies with the help of an interpreter.
Adam Emaghok then Joseph Avik are interviewed about their lifestyles long ago. They also share stories and memories from their younger days.
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