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  • Spatial Coverage is exactly "Qikiqtarr̂uk / Qikiqtaryuk (Herschel Island)"
This is a video of Elder David Roland talking about his life growing up and living around Holman Island.
This is a video of Elder Peter Esau talking about his life. He tells stories about where he lived, how he learned to trap, and trapping foxes.
A video of Elder Frank Cockney talking about his experiences growing up and living in various areas of the Mackenzie Delta region.
This is a video of artist Mary Trimble being interviewed at the Great Northern Arts Festival in Inuvik. She talks about her art and the inspiration for her work. The last part of the video shows a segment of “Nanuk Says,” about the community of…
A video of elders speaking in Inuvialuktun about Christmases in the past and how their grandparents prepared for Christmas.
This video shows interviews with Elders Jane Esau, Alex Gordon, Hope Gordon, Kathleen Hansen, Tom Elanik, Fred Joe, and Amos Paul from Aklavik who have all passed on. They tell stories from their lives and explain how people lived long ago.
A video of Elders from the Beaufort Sea and Mackenzie Delta areas (who have passed away) telling stories from their past.
A video of Elder Abe Okpik speaking about his childhood and Elder Albert Oliver speaking about carving.
The first part of this video shows part of a search and rescue training course that took place in Herschel Island Territorial Park. It includes an interview with the instructor, Wayne Merry, and shows him teaching the participants about using ropes…
A video of elders speaking about their lives in the North Slope Boreal Coast and Sam Green sharing a story about when he traveled from Herschel Island to Johnny Green Bay.

The image shows the excavation of remains of a sod house (with entrance passage) at Avadlek Spit with a few people standing around it observing the remains. Foreground: David Roland; background: Sarah Meyook and Renie Arey.
Agnes Nigiyok is continuing the story about the man named Akak who was killed then an RCMP investigation ensued a year later when the families involved were arrested and taken away and returned a year later. Agnes also tells about one man’s wife…
Adam Emaghok then Joseph Avik are interviewed about their lifestyles long ago. They also share stories and memories from their younger days.
Amos Tumma speaks gives advice, then tells a story of bowhead whale hunting long ago around 1918 or 1919, followed by a flood story, and speaks of traditional hunting weapons used long ago, and more.

The image shows an aerial view of the archaeological excavation at Avadlek Spit. In the background there is ice on the ocean.

The image shows an aerial view of Herschel Island.
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