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Raddi Koiksak is telling legends and life stories from when he was young including their traveling, hunting, and fishing stories.
Host of the A Long Time Ago program, Louie Goose airs Raddi Koiksak telling the Legend of Jonah of the Arctic followed by a very short story told by Father Lemeur that he heard in Paulatuuq. Father Lemeur then translates Raddi’s story into…
Elder Amos Tumma is storytelling about his travels as early as 1913 as well as hunting and trapping stories, and more on the A Long Time Ago program.
Elder Amos Tumma is storytelling about some of his earliest memories of his family, others families, and stories from long ago of how he and other Inuvialuit lived, their struggles, hardships and survival during their travels on the A Long Time Ago…
Joe Nasogaluak is storytelling about his life stories from the spring of 1916 onwards. Audio fades away during part of the story.
Saturday Eskimo Request Show host Victor Allen airs Donald Kaglik singing a song about the Mad Trapper followed by Betty Cockney sending greetings. Felix Nuyaviaq is describing his trip to Anchorage, Alaska, and Donald Kaglik is speaking about how…
Host of A Native Voice Edward Lennie interviews Victor Allen and Sam Raddi about the COPE meeting and Imperial Oil’s proposed oil company work and hunting, fishing, and wildife concerns.
A Native Voice host Edward Lennie provides community and regional news and an interview with Felix Nuyaviak.
Raddi Kowichuk and Felix Nuyaviak are telling stories of long ago from around 1910 or 1911 and also sing some Alaskan and other drum songs on the A Long Time Ago program.
Aklavik Elder Hope Gordon is storytelling about where and how they lived in Alaska, Part 1. To be continued.
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