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Abel Tingmiak standing in a dancing position.

Shawna Rogers performig a dance, with drummers in the Back Row that includes (Left to Right)-Abel Tingmiak, Debbie Gordon- Ruben, Annie Aleekuk, Wilbert Papik.

Abel Tingmiak in his traditional clothing, posing in a dancer position.

Drummers and singers standing and sitting down during a performance. The photo includes: Standing (left to right)- Louisa Alunik, Shawna Rogers. Sitting (left to right)-Abel Tingmiak, William Day, Scott Kasook, Jimmy John Meyook.

Dancers. The photo includes dancers: Shawna Rogers, Jimmy-John Meyook.

Debbie Gordon-Ruben and William Day performing a dance together in their traditional clothing.

Annie Aleekuk performing.

Inuvik Delta Drummers and Dancers-Group Photo. The group are doing a Performance at the Crossroads of Continents: Cultures of Siberia and Alaska exhibition, Museum of Civilization(Ottawa) - November 1991. The photo includes (From left to right):…

Dancers performing. The photo includes (Left to Right): Louisa Alunik, Jimmy-John Meyook, Drummers(Left to Right): William Day, Wilibert Papik, Debbie Gordon- Ruben, Singer(Standing at back): Annie Aleekuk.

Drummers and singers performing at the Crossroads of Continents-Cultures of Siberia and Alaska exhibition. The photo includes (shown from left to right): Annie Aleekuk, William Day, Wilbert Papik, Scott Kasook.

Inuvik Delta Drummers and Dancers doing a Performance at the Crossroads of Continents-Cultures of Siberia and Alaska exhibition, Museum of Civilization (Ottawa)-November 1991. Dancers from left to right: Louisa Alunik, Jimmy-John Meyook and Shawna…

Dancers performing a dance. From left to right- Annie Aleekuk, Debbie Gordon-Ruben, Louisa Alunik, Shawna Rogers. Drummers sitting (left to right): Abel Tingmiak, William Day, Wilbert Papik

Billy Day standing at a podium talking through the microphone.
Frank Cockney is giving a COPE report about the national meeting he and two others attended in Toronto, Ontario.
Elders AliceThrasher, Ruth Alunik, and Kenneth Peeloolook are speaking to and sending greetings to family and friends and Kenneth is also telling stories about how Inuvialuit people lived long ago, as early as 1902 and 1917. Emma Dick is also…
Saturday Inuit Show host Rosie Albert provides regional news with various Elders sending greetings and speaking to family and friends, and Sam Raddi giving travel and meeting updates. Kenneth Peeleelook shares his memories of his trip and he and…
Host Victor Allen and Sam Raddi are talking about the proposed CBC Radio Licence and the Oil Company Panarctic Community Consultations. Kitty Kuutuuk Rolland speaks to her younger brother Ir̂igaaqtuaq Old Archie then sings a First Nation Song. …
Sam Raddi is providing a report on the topics discussed at the Inuit Tapirisat Kanatami (ITK) meeting that he attended in Igloolik, Nunavut with other Inuit and Inuvialuit leaders, and delegates from throughout Canada
Sam Raddi is speaking about the Land Claims meeting down South followed by various Elders speaking to family and friends and sending greetings. Father Lemeur speaking about CHAK, and Peter Thrasher shares the issues and concerns that he spoke out…
Mary Elias is giving a COPE report and is reporting about when she and others left for a meeting in Toronto, Ontario with national delegates. Delegates included Indigenous and non Indigenous participants.
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