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Joe Apian, his sister Ida Ivaraluk and grandfather Otto Igiyurhiaq.
Bessie Lennie is telling a stories about her family and the way they lived long ago with her family and older sister's family, the Kuptanas, of their travels, of when caribou was hunted for food, for caribou skins, for sinew, of when they were hiking…
Rosemary Kuptana interviews Bessie Lennie about her memories of her lifestyle long ago such as her birth place, age, family, lifestyle including life on the land, of when she first started to remember things as a young child, traditional lifeskills…
Frank Cockney is storytelling of his trapping stories, of his travels with his family, of going to the store with his dogsled and purchasing dry goods, of caring for their dogs and dog teams, of his 10 to 12 year old son hunting small game, of…
Persis Gruben is telling her life stories of when she was younger of their travels with her parents then later with her husband, of her mom’s passing, of their homes, of the flu and of deaths, of various families at the various places they lived,…
Sarah Kuptana continues to share more memories of her younger days of happy times, hard times, fearful times, then suffering with sickness that she did not know was TB (tuberculosis). She shares about how she was eventually transported by boat to…
Sarah Kuptana continues storytelling about a good life, of the Hudson Bay Store, of her dad’s job, of getting a monthly rashion, of their travels, her parents illnesses, of various families, of fishing, hunting, and her first experiences of what…
Kenneth Peeloolook completes the Caucasian legend that he learned from Eric Lester of the three brothers then tells another legend about an old childless spinster who runs into two old shamans. The latter story continues at story titled, "Dog…
Kenneth Peeloolook is telling a story about dog trouble in the community that went from bad to worse causing fear in the community due to anger and revenge resulting in murders. Part one. To be continued.
Kenneth Peeloolook is storytelling about Stefansson’s iced in ship that sunk and how they were able to survive with Inupiaq guides followed by a short personal life story
Kenneth Peeloolook is sharing his memories of when he was a young man in Alaska of his life experiences, part two. To be continued.
John Holman, host of the A Long Time Ago program, airs Raddi Koiksak who is storytelling about his travels and adventures in the Arctic.
Elder Amos Tumma is storytelling about some of his earliest memories of his family, others families, and stories from long ago of how he and other Inuvialuit lived, their struggles, hardships and survival during their travels on the A Long Time Ago…
Joe Nasogaluak is storytelling of he and his family’s’s travels and way of life beginning in the fall of 1915 in Tuktuur̂aqtuuq
Morris Nigiyok is telling stories of his younger days of he and his family’s travels and of hunting polar bears with his hunting companions and their dog teams, part 1, to be continued.
Morris Nigiyok is telling stories of his younger days of his many travels, his hunting and trapping trips, the various families, his marriage, Christmas and Easter celebrations, ministerial visits, the fun times and the not so fun times, and more.
This is a video of Edith Haougak and an unidentified female Elder. They talk about what their lives were like when they were growing up, where they lived, and what the people did to survive on the land.
This is a video of Elder Lena Wolki talking about her life growing up and living on the land. She tells stories about how they used to hunt, fish, trap and prepare and preserve food for the winter.
This is a video of Elder Geddes Wolki talking about growing up and living on the land. He talks about the different places he travelled to and how he hunted and trapped. The last few minutes of the video show a segment of “Nanuk Says” in…
Agnes White continues interviewing her mother about her lifestyle, her travels, and places she lived. Persis also shares more stories from long ago. Part 2. To be continued.
Agnes White interviews Edith Haogak who is also storytelling about their lifestyle and traditional land use areas when she was younger including stories about her parents, and more. Audio fades in and out sometimes.
Agnes White interviews Helen Gruben then Willie Gruben about their lifestyle, places they traveled, hunted and trapped. They also tell stories.
Agnes White interviews Collis Dick and Paul Adam about their lifestyles, places they’ve traveled, and they also share stories.
Agnes White interviews Emma Raddi about her lifestyle and places she’s traveled from her younger days.
Shirley Elias interviews Albert Elias about his lifestyle when he was younger, his genealogy, and Albert also shares some old time stories.
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