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Mary Kailek is telling life stories and shares her mom's words of wisdom to her and her father before her mom’s passing, of her travels including when traveling with Sarah and Lennie Inglangasuk, the many people and tents at Tapqaq (Shingle Point),…
Mary Kailek is continuing her life stories sharing more memories of when she was younger when her dad worked with the Hudson Bay Company, when her mom would be sewing, of the rat sunday services, of her travels with her parents, of various people, of…
Mary Kailek is storytelling of her many travels, of various people, of the types of animals harvested, of her concerns of the new wildlife officer’s regulations and governance during that era, clothing and other items made from animal skins, of…
Frank Cockney is storytelling of when he and his wife would either stay with his inlaws but moreso with his grandparents who adopted and raised him, of mustkrat hunting, of trapping, of his grandfather who was monitoring to see how he could handle…
Mabel Steffanson is telling her life stories of her birth place, her family members, their travels, and more followed by Tommy Thrasher narrating the English version of Mabel’s stories. Part 1. To be continued.
Laura Lucas is completing the final part 3, of her life stories.
Host of the A Long Time Ago program, Louie Goose airs Mark Noksana who shares his memories of his reindeer herding experiences of when they were herding the reindeer from Alaska in the early 1930’s. Part 2, To be continued.
Amos Tumma speaks gives advice, then tells a story of bowhead whale hunting long ago around 1918 or 1919, followed by a flood story, and speaks of traditional hunting weapons used long ago, and more.
Elder Amos Tumma is storytelling about beluga whaling at Nalurugiaq and Niaqunnaq long ago, about lifestyle changes he sees, about climate change, about how to live right, about his faith, about hunger, about work ethics, and more.
Elder Amos Tumma is storytelling about long ago Kittigaar̂ungmiut, Utqalungmiut, Qikiqarr̂ungmiut, and Uummarmiut culture and way of life long ago before and after the arrival of the bowhead whalers, trading, and the trading post era.
Elder Amos Tumma is telling stories of hunting, fishing, trapping, and his many travels and how he and others lived long ago as well as the many changes.
Elder Amos Tumma is storytelling about Inuvialuit and Inupiat culture and way of life long ago before and after the arrival of the bowhead whalers, trading, and the trading post era on the A Long Time Ago program.
Elder Amos Tumma is storytelling about several life stories of missionaries, bowhead whalers, drinking, shoot outs, White miners, murder, a comical weasal story, and more on the A Long Time Ago program.
Joe Nasogaluak is storytelling about life and times in Tuktuuraqtuuq in 1940 and 1941 on the A Long Time Ago program.
Elder Johnny Ruben is storytelling about some Eastern Arctic families migrating west, a fatal illness, hardships, priests, Paulatuk starting up, as well as personal stories of his grandparents, and more. To be continued.
Elders speak to family and friends and send greetings on the Native Language Program
Host of A Native Voice Edward Lennie provides local and regional news then Kenneth Peeloolook, Tommy Kalinek, and Amos Paul speak with Edward Lennie about their upcoming Drum Dance Performances at the Northern Games event.
Edgar Kotokak and Andy Cockney are telling oldtime stories including their lifestyle stories while speaking with the unidentified interviewer.
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