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A photo of Fred, Andy and Lucy Carpenter, Susie Wolki taking a break mining coal at mine at Naqhaluk.

A photo of Lucy, Fred, Andy Carepenter, and Susie (Panikpak) Wolki all mining some coal at a mine at Naqhaluk.

The Blue Fox at Naqhaluk, obtaining coal from exposed seams for winter fuel.

The image shows a coal mine at Naqhaluk on Banks Island. We also can see Fred and Frank Carpenter, along with Fred Wolki posing for the photo.
Bessie Lennie is continuing her stories of when they lived on Banks Island with her relatives and with her husband and their one child, of their travels during summer and or winter, of other’s visiting and traveling with their ships, of hunting,…
Bessie Lennie is storytelling of when they first went to Ikaahuk, Banks Island when she was a young girl, of their’s and other’s travels for hunting, fishing, Easter, Christmas, of sharing and trading with visitors, of the traditional clothing…
Sarah Kuptana continues her storytelling of when they travelled to Ikahuuk (Sachs Harbour), of the hard times they went through including starvation, of her family gaining employment with the department of transporation, of making a new start in an…
Sarah Kuptana continues storytelling about a good life, of the Hudson Bay Store, of her dad’s job, of getting a monthly rashion, of their travels, her parents illnesses, of various families, of fishing, hunting, and her first experiences of what…
Sarah Kuptana is sharing her first memories of of their travels, of huntng, of their lifestyle, of large Inuit gatherings, of abandonment, illnesses, deaths, and more when she was a young girl, when they lived a nomadic lifestyle. Part 1. To be…
Alexandria Elias interviews Susie Tiktalik who shares her personal life stories when she was a young married woman of plentiful caribou and happy times and also speaks of various hardships and sufferings such as abandonment, births, deaths, the big…
Alexandria Elias interviews Susie Tiktalik about her younger days and she and her families travels to Banksland.
Alexandria Elias interviews Susie Tiktalik about when she was a young girl, and sharing stories that she remembers from long ago prior to European arrival. Final Part 2.
CHAK host Louie Goose introduces Susie Tiktalik being interviewed by Alexandrea Elias. Susie is telling Part II of her life story and also sings a song.
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