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Murielle Nagy and Agnes White continue to interview Agnes Carpenter about her personal and Inuvialuit lifestyle long ago. Agnes shares more memories and stories of her younger days. At the 21:26 minute mark, it suddenly switches to an interview…
Agnes White is sharing stories from various locations. She is telling stories that were told to her from mother Persis Gruben, of when they first went to Banks Island. Agnes then begins to share her own stories from her younger days.
Agnes White interviews Bessie Wolki about her lifestyle, places she’s traveled, and Bessie also share stories.

The image shows a few men sitting on a dog sled in traditional clothes with snowhouses and tents in the background. Left to Right: Herbert Allen, Alec Stefansson, Owen Okpik Allen, Sam Lennie (hold by Owen Okpik), Collin Allen, Alberta Lennie …
Agnes White interviews David Nasogaluk about his traditional land use areas from long ago. David also tells some stories from long ago. Agnes White then begins storytelling from Storkeson Bay about where her grandfather and her family were living…
Agnes White interviews Edith Haogak about their families' traditional lifestyle long ago prior to European contact. Agnes White then begins storytelling and shares memories of her younger days.

The image shows a few dog teams getting ready to leave camp. Left to Right: Herbert Allen, Alec Stefansson, Owen Allen, Collin Allen, Alberta Lennie Credit: Martha Harry
Agnes White interviews Helen Gruben then Willie Gruben about their lifestyle, places they traveled, hunted and trapped. They also tell stories.
The interview was already in progress with Jimmy Memogana and Agnes White about his lifestyle long ago beginning with when they were flying over Jimmy’s traditional land use areas. Jimmy also shares historical stories on location. Audio is…
Murielle Nagy and Agnes White interview John Lucas Sr about his genealogy, his lifestyle, and life stories. The second half of the recording is a repeat of the first half of the recording.

The image shows Lennie Inglangasuk snowhouse. Credit: Martha Harry
Michael Amos is being interviewed about his lifestyle long ago and of his travels. Michael also shares some stories from his younger days.
Agnes White and Murelle Nagy interview Olga and David Rolland about their life stories, of their histories, of their origins, their families, of their travels, and places they’ve lived, and much more. They also viewed maps and photographs while…
Agnes White is interviewing her mother, Persis Gruben, about when she was travelling and living around Banksland as well as other places where she and other’s travelled and lived, and more. Persis also shares memories and stories from long ago. …
Murielle Nagy and Agnes White interview Peter Sydney about his lifestyle long ago, of his travels, and places he’s lived, and more. They also viewed maps while discussing the historical contexts of the the time of year, and the place names of the…
Murielle Nagy and Agnes White continue to interview Sam Lennie who is telling personal and historical stories. They also view and discuss photographs and maps discussing place names and historical contexts.
Murielle Nagy and Agnes White continue interviewing Sarah Kuptana and Edith Haogak about their lifestyles and stories from their younger days. Note: audio sometimes is very low. Murielle and and another unidentified speaker are suddenly heard…
Shirley Esau is storytelling and reminiscing about long ago followed by Agnes White interviewing Geddes Wolki about his genealogy and life stories. The latter interview audio is low.

A photo of a few winter snow houses and a couple of dog teams. Credit: Martha Harry
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