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Charlie Smith is telling the legend of the Trek Eastward, in Iñupiatun then in English
Peter Green is speaking about the Inuit Cultural Institute’s aims and objectives that is then translated into Inuvialuktun by Abe Okpik
Persis Gruben is sharing stories of the many changes she has witnessed in her life such as living a nomadic lifestyle out on the land to community permanent living, prior to European contact such as: the fast skidoos, of languages, of the…
A COPE meeting was already in progress where discussions started with the agenda items and the progresion of the meeting. Meetings discussions were about annex satelites, providing services to northern communties, providing more Indigenous radio…
Abe Auktalik Okpik provides an explanation of a meeting between Inuit Tapirisat Kanatami and the Prime Minister regarding ITK’s position on land and land use and other issues on the C.H.A.K. Western Arctic program.
Long Time Ago host, Ishmael Alunik is storytelling about historical tribal wars and conflicts, about European arrival with the government, the RCMP, the new religion and ministers, and residential schools, etc. He then tells another story of…
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