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  • Spatial Coverage is exactly "Kuugyuaq (Minto Inlet)"

A photo of Frank Kudlak and Phillip Hoagak sitting in a boat.

A photo of Morris Niriyuq, Frank Kudlak, Phillip Haogaq, Harry Igutaq, Joe Qapaqqatuaq, and Esau Iligayaq with tents behind them.

A photo of Martha Kudlak and Frank Kudlak.

A photo of a group of people at Fort Brabant (now part of Ulukhaktok). The photo was taken at Kuyuaqria (Minto Inlet). The photo includes (back to front): Qaruna (Sarah’s father’s older sister), Inuktalik (Qaruna’s husband), C. Rowan, Qauluaq,…

Ruby, Emma, George, Henry Egotak holding Johnny and Margaret.

Peter Esau and Joe Upian travelling by dog sled team in a storm.

A photo of two men travelling to Sachs Harbour by dogsled team.
Mary Kailek is storytelling about her life stories from her younger days, of her father, of her grandfather, of some comical stories, of trading piffi (dryfish) for staples with the police who arrived by boat, of various visitors, of learning how to…
William Kuptana is storytelling about Kullaq, the very good polar bear hunter, of the first people, the Kangiryuarmiut, that started going to Ikaahuk (Sachs Harbour), Banksland, of the (Eastern Inuit) Qangmalit old timers who called it "Ikaahuk"…
William Kuptana is storytelling of when he started remembering when he was a young boy of how they lived long ago prior to Caucasians arriving, of when they lived a totally traditional lifestyle and describes their hunting and fishing methods prior…
Sarah Kuptana continues to tell more stories of when she was a young woman with her young family, their struggles after she and her husband survive tb (tuberculosis), in trying to re-establish a new life and trying to find their place in a harsh cold…
Sarah Kuptana continues to share more memories of her younger days of happy times, hard times, fearful times, then suffering with sickness that she did not know was TB (tuberculosis). She shares about how she was eventually transported by boat to…
Alexandria Elias interviews Susie Tiktalik about her younger days and she and her families travels to Banksland.
CHAK host Louie Goose introduces Susie Tiktalik being interviewed by Alexandrea Elias. Susie is telling Part 5 of her life story.
Morris Nigiyok is telling stories of his younger days of he and his family’s travels and of hunting polar bears with his hunting companions and their dog teams, part 1, to be continued.
Morris Nigiyok is telling stories of his younger days of his many travels, his hunting and trapping trips, the various families, his marriage, Christmas and Easter celebrations, ministerial visits, the fun times and the not so fun times, and more.
Morris Nigiyok is storytelling of his younger days when there were hardly any people living at Ulukhaktok, their travels, fun times, hunting trips, and more. Part 1, to be continued.
This is a video of Elder Lena Wolki talking about her life growing up and living on the land. She tells stories about how they used to hunt, fish, trap and prepare and preserve food for the winter.
This is a video of Elder Sarah Kupana talking about her life. She talks about travelling around the land with her family and how the people used to live long ago.
This is a video of Elder Donald Notaina being interviewed by his son-in-law, Jack Akhiatak. Donald talks about his life and about travelling and hunting with his father when he was a youth. The video also includes Peter Malgokak and Noah Akhiatak…
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