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Radio host Rosie Albert is hosting the The People Speak Inuit Program that includes guest speakers John Ruben and Allan Soosuk.
Mary Kailek is telling a legend of young girls who were kidnapped followed by personal life stories of her younger days. Part 1. To be continued.
Ivy Raddi is continuing her life stories and sharing memories of her younger days, Part 3. To be continued.
Ivy Raddi is continuing her life stories and sharing memories of her younger days, Part 2. To be continued. it changes to English programming at the 45:33 minute mark
Ivy Raddi is telling stories and sharing memories of her younger days to include their many travels and lifestyles long ago. Part 1. To be continued.
Mary Kailek is telling life stories and shares her mom's words of wisdom to her and her father before her mom’s passing, of her travels including when traveling with Sarah and Lennie Inglangasuk, the many people and tents at Tapqaq (Shingle Point),…
Mary Kailek is storytelling of when she was younger living with her parents, of various people, of her sister Annie’s birth, of when the schooners arrived and her dad purchased a record player for her, of their travels, of living at various…
Mary Kailek shares her journal of July to August activities of her travels, hunts, the search for Archie, and pf her lifestyle with her family out on the land, of her frustrations with lifestyle changes regarding money, and speaks of her prayers and…
Frank Cockney is storytelling of his life with his grandparents, of their many travels, of hunting and trapping stories, and shares his grandfather’s words of wisdom, and more. Part 5 and 6. To be continued. Note: The audio has some background…
Frank Cockney is storytelling his life stories of when he was growing up with his grandparents, observing his grandfather and learning the traditional way of life from his grandparents, of the laplanders that were reindeer herding and staying with…
Laura Lucas is continuing her life stories. Part 2. To be continued.
Laura Lucas is telling her life stories. Part 1. To be continued.
Donald Kaglik is continuing to share stories of his memories of his younger days continuing the bear hunt story, of fun times, of a comical story of dogs, of working at Peffer’s hotel then at Slim’s Mink Ranch, of his travels, of whaling, then…
Raddi Koiksak is telling legends and life stories from when he was young including their traveling, hunting, and fishing stories.
Host of the A Long Time Ago program, Louie Goose, airs Silas Kangegana storytelling of his reindeer herding days and travels. Final, Part 4.
Host of The People Speak Inuit, Rosie Albert is providing news in the beginning then in between speakers, followed by John Ruben who is telling old time stories. (The audio is very bad and cuts in and out when John is speaking). Allen Soosuk is…
Raddi Kowichuk and Felix Nuyaviak are telling stories of long ago from around 1910 or 1911 and also sing some Alaskan and other drum songs on the A Long Time Ago program.
Elder Buster Kailek continues his storytelling about his younger days of when he and others were reindeer herding, of his travels, fishing, and hunting muskrats.
Long Time Ago Host Ishmael Alunik airs recorded stories told by Inuvik Elders Ida Aleekuk and Rhoda Allen who are sharing stories from their younger days.
Cathy Cockney is interviewing Edward Ruben in English about his family genealogy. Edward is also shares memories and stories from his younger days.
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