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This is a video about beluga whaling. It first shows an archaeological dig of an old whaling camp at Cache Point, N.T. and then shows Ned Kayotuk teaching Daniel Apsimik how to hunt beluga whales on the Beaufort Sea at Nalgugiak, East White Fish. It…
This is a video about the hamlet of Holman (Ulukhaktok) in the Northwest Territories. It contains information about the history of Holman, its current attractions, and includes interviews with some of the residents.
This video contains the second part of an interview with Elder Sarah Meyook. She tells stories about her life travelling on the coast and living in the Delta. The last few minutes of the video show the Aklavik and Kaktovik Sing-Along group singing…
The first part of this video is an interview with Velma Illasiak, the first aboriginal principal of the Moose Kerr School who was born in Aklavik. The second part of the video is an interview with Moira Kablalik, the daughter of Moose Kerr, and the…
This is a video of the 50th wedding anniversary party for Adam and Annie Emahok, which took place in Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories. It shows clips from the anniversary party and includes a short interview with Adam and Annie.
The first half of this video is an interview with Glenna Hansen, Commissioner of the NWT. She recalls her childhood growing up in Aklavik and her current career. The second half of the video depicts the events frfom the 2000 Mad Trapper Rendezvous.
This is a video of the Honourable Vince Steen talking about his life and involvement in politics.
This is a video about the Old Timer’s Hockey Challenge Tour game in Inuvik. It shows clips of the game and includes interviews with Don Jackson, Tiger Williams, and Guy LaFleur.
This is a video of Kaktakniaktoat (Herring Harvest) near Tuktoyaktuk. It includes clips from the harvest and explains the different methods of using nets to harvest herring. It also shows Elder David Nasogaluak talking about how he used to harvest…
This video shows Danny Gordon and Annie C Gordon teaching six teenagers from Moose Kerr School in Aklavik how to trap and about life in a trapping camp.

A video of bloopers from television shows filmed by the Inuvialuit Communications Society (ICS) up until the year 2001.
A video of Christmas and New Year's greetings sent from Inuvik.
A video of Christmas and New Year's greetings sent from people in Tuktoyaktuk and Christmas carols sung by the students of Mangilaluk School in Tuktoyaktuk.
The first part of this video is of elder Elizabeth Aviugana sharing stories about her life around Aklavik. The second part of the video shows five members of the Paulatuk Moonlight Dancers performing at Expo 2000 in Hannover, Germany and visiting…
A video of Christmas and New Year's greetings sent from people in Aklavik and performances from old Moose Kerr School Christmas concerts.
This video contains interviews with Jerry Lennie, Gayle Gruben, John Day, and Gerry Kisoun who speak about their positions on the Inuvik Community Corporation (ICC) board.
This is a video of Elder Arnold Archie talking about his life growing up and living in the Mackenzie Delta.

02 01 T Sam Oliktoak-H
A video of Uluhaktok Elder Sam Oliktoak (aka Sammy Oleektoak) speaking about his experiences growing up and living in the Kangiryuaq (aka Prince Albert Sound) area. He talks about the different animals that were hunted and the ways in which they were…
A video of Elders Annie and Adam Emahok talking about their experiences. Elder Annie Emahok gives marital advice while elder Adam Emahok talks about what it was like to herd reindeer and briefly talks about his marriage.
This video is about a Regional Heritage Resource Survey that was conducted in the Mackenzie Delta region. It includes a meeting led by Kathy Bausch, an archaeologist with Inuvialuit Environmental and Geotechnical (IEG), which was held to explain the…
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