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  • Spatial Coverage is exactly "Inuvialuit Settlement Region (ISR)
The events surrounding the 1985 Kingolik Jamboree in Ulukhaktok featuring games, musical performances, and shots of the landscape.
Dr. Zoo visits Sir Alexander Mackenzie School to present the children with snakes, iguanas, turtles, and tarantulas.
Various musical performances for the Inuvik Talent show.
A video interviewing various Elders in the area of Aklavik in Inuvialuktun.
This video shows interviews with Elders Alexandria Elias, William Kuptana, and Michael Amos from Sachs Harbour who have all passed on. They each tell stories from their lives.
This video shows interviews with Elders Joe Nasogalliak, Raddi Koiksak, Silas Kangegana, Emmanuel Felix, Joseph Avik, Sam Raddi, and Freeman Kimiksana from Tuktoyakuk who have all passed on. They each tell short stories from their lives.
This is a video of Elder Frank Kudlak talking about his life growing up and living on the land. He tells stories about hunting and trapping and explains how people lived long ago.
This is a video about the Dempster Highway, created to celebrate it’s 25th year. It shows scenery from different places on the highway and provides information about stops along the highway.
This is a video of Sandy Wolki telling stories about his life. He talks about the different places he and his family travelled and lived, and how they, and the other Inuvialuit, would hunt, trap, and live off the land. The last part of the video is a…
This is a video of Elder Sarah Kupana talking about her life. She talks about travelling around the land with her family and how the people used to live long ago.
Footage from the Inuvik Petroleum Show in 2001 where industry, gov, and Aboriginal organizations come together for a trade show and conference with 300 delegates and 70 exhibitors.
The drama department of Samuel Hearne Secondary School in Inuvik staged (SHSS) their own version of Anne of Green Gables. This is the first part of the production.
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