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  • Spatial Coverage is exactly "Imaryuk (Husky Lakes)" Hunt Photos/Dr. D.E. Hunt photos - Inuvik 1968-69 069.jpg
A photo of Alphone Voudrach near Husky Lakes.
Charlie Smith is telling the legend of the Trek Eastward, in Iñupiatun then in English
Mary Kailek is telling a legend of young girls who were kidnapped followed by personal life stories of her younger days. Part 1. To be continued.
Ivy Raddi is continuing her life stories and sharing memories of her younger days, Part 2. To be continued. it changes to English programming at the 45:33 minute mark
Frank Cockney interviews Tom Avakgak about his lifestyles memories from his younger days beginning in the early1930’s. Part 1. To be continued.
Hester Adam is continuing her life stories from long ago, of their many travels with various people, of their nomadic lifestyle, encountering illnesses, and ball games, and more. Part 6. To be continued.
Mabel Steffanson is continuing to tell her life stories of her younger days of traveling to the Mackenzie Delta, of being happy to use her brother’s dog team, and more. Part 4. To be continued.
Persis Gruben is continuing her storytelling of the lifestyle changes, about traveling with her parents long ago and later with her children when her husband was hospitalised, of her traditional teachings, of wildlife hunted, of the oil companies…
Persis Gruben is sharing her opinions of and comparing past lifestyle of Inuvialuit to present modern day Inuvialuit lifestyles in regards to transportation, sewage and garbage, influence of European lifestyles, hunting and wildlife, and traditional…
Persis Gruben is storytelling of her younger days, of a time when she didn’t see alcoholism amongst the people, of a fire where her family lost everything, of how people have changed and are not like how they were long ago: when people used to help…
Kenneth Peeloolook continues his storytelling from 1902 and 1921, of their travels, adventures, caribou hunting experiences, drumming, singing, and dancing, arrival of the White Bowhead Whalers, along with alcohol, mining, employment, and much more, …
Host of the A Long Time Ago program, Louie Goose airs Mark Noksana who shares his memories of his reindeer herding experiences of when they were herding the reindeer from Alaska in the early 1930’s. Final, Part 3.
John Holman, host of the A Long Time Ago program, airs Raddi Koiksak who is storytelling about his travels and adventures in the Arctic.
Host of the A Long Time Ago program, Louie Goose airs Raddi Koiksak telling the Legend of Jonah of the Arctic followed by a very short story told by Father Le Meur that he heard in Paulatuuq. Father Le Meur then translates Raddi’s story into…
Joe Nasogaluak is storytelling about his life stories in and around Tuktuur̂aqtuuq in 1942, 1943, and 1944 on the A Long Time Ago program.
Joe Nasogaluak is storytelling about life and times in Tuktuuraqtuuq in 1940 and 1941 on the A Long Time Ago program.
Joe Nasogaluak is storytelling, from the 1940 era including the plans to move to Tuktuur̂aqtuuq, on the A Long Time Ago program.
The People Speak host Rosie Albert interiews Michael Amos, Bessie Amos, and Susie Tiktalik about the Elder’s prophecy of White people coming to Canada and taking over and polluting land and waters as their own. The Elders also talk about oil…
Johnny Ruben is telling a story about an old lady and her grandson who were abandoned and left for dead.
Elder Johnny Ruben is completing his storytelling, part two, of his parents and grandparents travels, hunting, and trapping stories.
Elder Johnny Ruben is storytelling about how Inuvialuit people lived long ago, always busy preparing for hunting and fishing, and preserving food to last for the year, Christmas gatherings, and more.
Christina Noksana is continuing her personal life story, part 3. To be continued.
Host of A Native Voice Edward Lennie provides local and regional news then interviews Felix Nuyaviak about bowhead and beluga whaling long ago as well as how Tuktuur̂aqtuuq got it’s name and how Inuvialuit were able to tell time without modern…
A Native Voice host Edward Lennie provides community and regional news and an interview with Felix Nuyaviak.
Elder Buster Kailek continues his storytelling about his younger days of when he and others were reindeer herding, of his travels, fishing, and hunting muskrats.
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