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  • Spatial Coverage is exactly "Ikaariaq / Ikaahuk (Sachs Harbour)"
Annie Emaghok is sharing a story that her mother told her of the very challenging times that she has endured long ago as well as stories from when she was young. After a short period of silence, Betty Cockney’s storytelling was already in progress…
Cathy Cockney is interviewing Elizabeth Pertschy about her family genealogy.
Eva Raddi is being interviewed about her lifestyle long ago by an unidentified interviewer followed by Noah Felix who is also being interviewed about his lifestyle long ago. They also share personal life stories.
Frank Cockney is speaking with unidentified interviewer about his lifestyle long ago from his younger days followed by Andy Cockney who also shares personal lifestories from his younger days. Another unidentified speaker occasionally adds to the…
Cathy Cockney interviews Lucy Inglangasuk about her family genealogy.
Cathy Cockney interviews Marguerite Egotak and Harry Egotak about their family genealogies with help from an unidentified interpreter.
Shirley Elias interviews Alec Banksland about his lifestyle long ago, about how Inuvialuit lived long ago, and about his dad’s travels with the Steffansson’s expedition. Note: audio is sometimes low. They also interview Alec about traditional…
Shirley Elias interviews Agnes Goose about her family, their travels, and lifestyle long ago as well as historical stories from the past.
Shirley Elias and Murielle Nagy interview Jimmy Memogana about his lifestyle and his travels long ago, as well as stories from his younger days. Jimmy also sings a song in Inuvialuktun. They also discuss traditional place names.
Shirley Elias interviews Agnes Goose who also shares memories and stories from her younger days. She also identifies people in photographs.
Shirley Elis interviews Sam Oliktoak who also shares stories about his lifestyle and memories from his younger days. Note: At times there was a lot of background noise making it hard to hear including some traditional place names.
Shirley Elias interviews Frank Kuptana about his lifestyle from his younger days, his genealogy, and he shares stories from long ago. Part 1. To be continued.
Shirley Elias continues interviewing Frank Kuptana about his lifestyle from his younger days and Frank continues sharing memories from long ago. Frank also speaks of the many changes in the Inuvialuit lifestyle compared to years past. Final part…
Shirley Elias completes the interview with Sam Oliktoak then another person interviews Nicholas Uluariuk about his lifestyle and memories from his younger days.
Shirley Elias interviews Albert Elias about his lifestyle when he was younger, his genealogy, and Albert also shares some old time stories.
Agnes White interviews Alice Tunu Felix about her lifestyle from her younger days. Alice also shares memories and stories from long ago.
Agnes White interviews Emma Raddi about her lifestyle and places she’s traveled from her younger days.
Agnes White interviews Frank Cockney about his lifestyle, places he’s traveled, and traditional land use areas in his younger days. Frank also shares some stories.
Agnes White interviews Collis Dick and Paul Adam about their lifestyles, places they’ve traveled, and they also share stories.
Agnes White interviews Emmanuel Felix then Sandy Wolki about their lifestyle, places they traveled, hunted and trapped. They also tell stories.
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