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Persis Gruben continues storytelling about her younger days with her parents, of she and her family’s many travels, of fishing, hunting and gathering for food when living a traditional nomadic life,. She also speaks of fatal illness, of when the…
Host of A Native Voice Edward Lennie provides regional trapping news then airs William Kuptana’s Old Time Stories of how Inuvialuit lived long ago prior to Whiteman Arrival.
Agnes White completes her interview with her mother about her lifestyle, travels, and places she lived. Persis continues to share stories and memories from long ago. Final, part 3.
Agnes White interviews Alexandria Elias who is storytelling about when she first went to Banksland as well as her lifestyle when she was younger. Part 1. To be continued.
Agnes White is sharing stories from various locations. She is telling stories that were told to her from mother Persis Gruben, of when they first went to Banks Island. Agnes then begins to share her own stories from her younger days.
Agnes White interviews Edith Haogak about their families' traditional lifestyle long ago prior to European contact. Agnes White then begins storytelling and shares memories of her younger days.
Murielle Nagy and Agnes White interview Frank Carpenter who is telling personal and historical stories about he and other’s lifestyle long ago. Note : audio is sometimes low along with a bird chirping in the background. They also view and discuss…
Murielle Nagy and Agnes White interview Agnes Carpenter about her family kinship, and personal life history and stories in English. They also view and discuss contents of photographs. Part 1. To be continued.
Cathy Cockney interviews George Harry about his family genealogy with George’s wife Martha assisting.
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