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Alice Agnaoyak is continuing her life stories of when her mother then her father fell ill and went to Edmonton, of cargo companies arriving, and more. Part 7. To be continued.
Alice Agnaoyak is continuing her life stories of their travels, of where they lived, of various families and more. Part 6. To be continued.
Sarah Kuptana is completing the final part 8 of this series of stories of her younger days when they first returned to Sachs Harbour, of her children leaving for school, of their travels by plane including a trip to Alaska and learning about the…
CHAK’s A Long Time Ago host Louie Goose introduces Jim Wolki and Father Le Meur where Jim is telling part two of The Long Crossing story in English. To be continued.
Morris Nigiyok is telling stories of his younger days of his many travels, his hunting and trapping trips, the various families, his marriage, Christmas and Easter celebrations, ministerial visits, the fun times and the not so fun times, and more.
Morris Nigiyok is continuing part 2 his storytelling of his younger days of his travels, hunting trips, dogteam races, and more.
Morris Nigiyok is storytelling of his younger days when there were hardly any people living at Ulukhaktok, their travels, fun times, hunting trips, and more. Part 1, to be continued.
Agnes White continues to interview Alexandria Elias who is storytelling about when she first went to Banksland and shares memories from her younger days. Final, part 2.
Agnes White is interviewing Edith Haogak about where and how she and her family lived at various places long ago. Edith is also storytelling as she identifies many traditional place names.
Murielle Nagy and Jean Harry are interviewing Edith Haogak about the traditional areas that they were flying over. Edith also shares stories about the areas they were flying over. She also identifies the traditional areas where they lived and…
Agnes White interviews Peter Esau and Shirley Esau about identifying traditional land use areas, various families who lived there long ago, and more. They also share some memories and stories from the areas they traveled to. Audio is not always…
Shirley interviews Jean and William who also shares memories and stories from his younger days. Shirley then interviews Robert Kuptana about his genealogy, about his lifestyle from his younger days, and about Aulavik Park. Robert also shares some…
Agnes White and Murielle Nagy interview Frank Kudlak about his lifestyle long ago, about the animals, about traditional place names, and Frank also shares stories from his younger days. Note: audio is sometimes low. Murielle also interviews Edith…
Murielle Nagy and Agnes White interview Peter and Shirley Esau and they share and discuss personal life stories. Four people speaking all at once for some of the time. Shirley then shares stories from her younger days.
Murielle Nagy and Agnes White continue interviewing Andy Carpenter about his traditional knowledge of the land area, the animals, his experiences, archeology, and more.
Murielle Nagy and Agnes White interview Lawrence and Beverly Amos who are telling personal and historical stories about theirs and other’s lifestyle long ago.
Murielle Nagy and Agnes White interview Peter Sydney about his lifestyle long ago, of his travels, and places he’s lived, and more. They also viewed maps while discussing the historical contexts of the the time of year, and the place names of the…
Cathy Cockney interviews Marguerite Egotak and Harry Egotak about their family genealogies with help from an unidentified interpreter.
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