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The photo shows a painting that shows the ''Yukon Evening'' by Ted Harrison, Arctic Art.

The photo shows Alestine Andre from Inuvik sitting on a chair on stage at the Eskimo Olympics in Fairbanks Alaska.

A photo of a man carrying a sign that has Inuvik on it walking in front of group from Inuvik at the Fairbanks, Eskimo Olympics.
Sarah Kuptana is completing the final part 8 of this series of stories of her younger days when they first returned to Sachs Harbour, of her children leaving for school, of their travels by plane including a trip to Alaska and learning about the…

A photo of Rosie Peeloolook dressed in a parka performing a dance at the Eskimo Olympics in Fairbanks Alaska.

A photo of Robert Torangeau from Norman Wells getting ready to throw a harpoon for a competition.

A photo of Rhoda Naqeak from Point Barrow sitting down on a chair holding a trophy next to another man at the Eskimo Olympics in Fairbanks Alaska.

The photo shows a couple picture frames on a wall that include the ''Red and Blue Affection'' by Keith Appel from Anchorage, ''Animal on the Mountain'' by Gerald Conoway from Anchorage, and the ''Sunset'' by Bryan Grove from Juneau; Arctic Art.

The photo shows the Queen Contestants at the Fairbanks Eskimo Olympics. One of the contestants is Alestine Andre from Inuvik.

A photo of a young girl dressed up in a warm jacket sitting down on a chair.

The photo shows two framed photos on a wall that include the ''Op Moose'' created by Wm. Kimura from Anchorage and a ''Inukshuk at Pelly Bay''- Bill Skuce fromFt. Smith, Arctic Art.
Host of A Native Voice Edward Lennie provides local and regional news then interviews Billy Day on when he and other Elders first started teaching drum dancing, then traveling, and performing drum dances.

The photo shows the Minto Dance Group performing a dance at the Eskimo Olympics in Fairbanks Alaska.

A photo of Melvin Olanna sitting down working on creating some art at a desk. We can also see a couple of nice art works on the wall behind him. At a college in Alaska.
Kenneth Peeloolook continues his storytelling about their travels from Alaska in making their way towards Canada where they had planned to move to the Mackenzie Delta in the Northwest Territories. He shares about their journey, hunting, trapping,…

The photo shows the Mackenzie Drummers getting ready to perform at the Eskimo Olympics in Fairbanks Alaska.

A photo of the Mackenzie Delta Drummers performing at the Eskimo Olympics in Fairbanks Alaska.

A photo of Mackenzie Dancers performing at the Eskimo Olympics in Fairbanks, Alaska.

A photo of Lila Novoloqiak and Alice Kinaviak wearing parkas.

A photo of Laura Bergt standing outside reading a newspaper by a car with trees all around her.
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