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A photo of a camp scene with cabins and a tent, and mountains in the background.

The image shows Fred, Susie, and Roy Wolki dressed in formal clothing.

A photo of Fred Wolki and Rudolph Johnson, who was a ship engineer in the Western Arctic.
Frank Cockney is storytelling of his trapping stories, of his travels with his family, of going to the store with his dogsled and purchasing dry goods, of caring for their dogs and dog teams, of his 10 to 12 year old son hunting small game, of…
Persis Gruben is describing the very different sights and scenery of her experiences of going to the city of Seattle, of a shooting incident, of the Inuit Tapirisat of Canada (ITC) first starting up, ships long ago and today, her thoughts regarding…
Frank Cockney is giving a COPE report about the national meeting he and two others attended in Toronto, Ontario.
Elders AliceThrasher, Ruth Alunik, and Kenneth Peeloolook are speaking to and sending greetings to family and friends and Kenneth is also telling stories about how Inuvialuit people lived long ago, as early as 1902 and 1917. Emma Dick is also…
The first part of this video contains interviews with artist/festival organizer Sue Rose, and other artists including Peter Ragae, Lyle Trimble, Fred Iyak Trimble, and Rex Goose at the 1991 Great Northern Arts Festival in Inuvik. The second part of…
A promotional video describing the North West Territories pavilion at the 1986 World's Fair, which was hosted by Vancouver.
This is a video of artist Mary Trimble being interviewed at the Great Northern Arts Festival in Inuvik. She talks about her art and the inspiration for her work. The last part of the video shows a segment of “Nanuk Says,” about the community of…
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