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Shirley Elias interviews Agnes Goose who also shares memories and stories from her younger days. She also identifies people in photographs.

The image shows the arrival of schooner Blue Fox. Michael Amos is leaning on the boat.

The image shows Martha Kudluk baking bannock for a trip to Holman.

A photo of Banks Island from the distance.
CBC host Brian Cusins reads the report about oil exploration on Banks Island and the residents and trappers objection to such exploration.

The schooner Blue Fox beached well the tide is out. They seem to be either loading ot unloading their cargo.

A photo of Fred and Andy Carpenter, David Bernhardt and Jim Wolki sitting on the ground taking a break.

The image shows a few men sitting on a dog sled in traditional clothes with snowhouses and tents in the background. Left to Right: Herbert Allen, Alec Stefansson, Owen Okpik Allen, Sam Lennie (hold by Owen Okpik), Collin Allen, Alberta Lennie …

The photo shows Tivuana (Fred Carpenter's mother), Susie Wolki and Roy Wolki butchering a bearded seal.

The schooner Nanuk when used by the Chicksi family.

The image shows a coal mine at Naqhaluk on Banks Island. We also can see Fred and Frank Carpenter, along with Fred Wolki posing for the photo.
Interview was already in progress with David Nasogaluk with Agnes White about his lifestyle long ago. David also shares historical stories.

The schooner Blue Nose ready to depart to the mainland.
Donald Kaglik is sharing stories of his memories of his younger days of his travels, an accidential fire, an injury that landed him in the hospital, an RCMP member's disbelief in shamans, his years in the residential school, an educational and…
Donald Kaglik is continuing to share stories of his memories of his younger days of his travels, of almost drowning, of a haunting scare, the end of the Semmler’s Mink Farm and he and other hired hands helped Semmler’s move to Inuvik when Inuvik…

The image shows a few tents and a rack Drying meat with little Roy Wolki in foreground.

The image shows a camp where a few people are drying meat in the spring.

A photo of Easter at Sea Otter Harbour.
Agnes White is interviewing Edith Haogak about where and how she and her family lived at various places long ago. Edith is also storytelling as she identifies many traditional place names.
Cathy Cockney is interviewing Edward Ruben in English about his family genealogy. Edward is also shares memories and stories from his younger days.
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