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A Native Voice host Victor Allen is speaking about the new CBC radio program called A Native Voice as well as speaking about current affairs and the news in Inuvialuktun.
Saturday Eskimo Request Show host Victor Allen airs Donald Kaglik singing a song about the Mad Trapper followed by Betty Cockney sending greetings. Felix Nuyaviaq is describing his trip to Anchorage, Alaska, and Donald Kaglik is speaking about how…
Michael Amos is storytelling about when he was travelling on the land with his dog team, and the challenges he over came, until he made it back home safely on the A Long Time Ago program hosted by John Holman.
Cathy Cockney is interviewing Aliknak Banksland about his family genealogy with some help from an unidentified interpreter. Cathy also interviews Aliknak about he and his family’s lifestyles longago.
Murielle Nagy and Agnes White interview Agnes Carpenter about her family kinship, and personal life history and stories in English. They also view and discuss contents of photographs. Part 1. To be continued.
Murielle Nagy, Agnes White, and Agnes Carpenter continue viewing photographs and discussing the historical contents and contexts of the photographs in English. Agnes Carpenter also shares more memories and stories of her younger days. Part 2. To be…
Frank Cockney is storytelling of his travels, of various families, where they lived, of fun times when he and others would hunt together and race back home with thier dogs, of playing poker with whitefoxes, of treacherous ice and open water…
CBC host Brian Cusins reads the report about oil exploration on Banks Island and the residents and trappers objection to such exploration.
Shirley Elias interviews Agnes Goose about her family, their travels, and lifestyle long ago as well as historical stories from the past.
Shirley Elias interviews Agnes Goose who also shares memories and stories from her younger days. She also identifies people in photographs.
Shirley Elis interviews Sam Oliktoak who also shares stories about his lifestyle and memories from his younger days. Note: At times there was a lot of background noise making it hard to hear including some traditional place names.
Shirley interviews Jean and William who also shares memories and stories from his younger days. Shirley then interviews Robert Kuptana about his genealogy, about his lifestyle from his younger days, and about Aulavik Park. Robert also shares some…
Cathy Cockney is interviewing Agnes Goose, with some help from an unidentified interpreter, about her family genealogy.
CHAK’s A Long Time Ago host Louie Goose introduces Jim Wolki and Father Lemeur where Jim is telling part five of The Long Crossing story in English. To be continued.
CHAK’s A Long Time Ago host Louie Goose introduces Jim Wolki and Father Lemeur where Jim is telling the final part six of The Long Crossing story. Father Lemeur then interviews Jim about his successful trapping days when he was younger.

The image shows Lennie Inglangasuk snowhouse. Credit: Martha Harry

A photo of a few winter snow houses and a couple of dog teams. Credit: Martha Harry

The image shows a few men sitting on a dog sled in traditional clothes with snowhouses and tents in the background. Left to Right: Herbert Allen, Alec Stefansson, Owen Okpik Allen, Sam Lennie (hold by Owen Okpik), Collin Allen, Alberta Lennie …

The image shows a few dog teams getting ready to leave camp. Left to Right: Herbert Allen, Alec Stefansson, Owen Allen, Collin Allen, Alberta Lennie Credit: Martha Harry
This is a video of Elder Madeline Smith of Aklavik being interviewed by Leonard Harry. She tells stories about her life and talks about how people used to live on the land. At the very end of the video a singing group from Alaska sings a song.

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