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A video of elders Rosie Albert, Jimmy Komeak, Jimmy Gordon, Adam Emahok, Annie Emahok, Annie C. Gordon, David Roland, Olga Roland, and Stanley Keevik telling stories about their families' experiences herding reindeer.
A video of elders speaking in Inuvialuktun about Christmases in the past and how their grandparents prepared for Christmas.
Agnes White and Murille Nagy interview Agnes Kayotuk about she and her family’s travels, places they lived, and their lifestyle long ago to her present lifestyle followed by an interview with Agnes Nasogaluak of her personal life stories and…

The photo shows a buildng with a fenced off area at Atkinson Point DEW line site.

The image shows a few building and a couple of guys working or walking on stairs in the background at the DEW line site at Atkinson Point.

The photo shows a couple more buildings at the DEW line site at Atkinson Point, one with a fense coming from it.

The photo shows a building with a barrel beside it at the DEW line site at Atkinson Point.
Agnes White interviews Collis Dick and Paul Adam about their lifestyles, places they’ve traveled, and they also share stories.
Cathy Cockney is interviewing Edward Ruben in English about his family genealogy. Edward is also shares memories and stories from his younger days.
Frank Cockney is storytelling for future generations to hear. Frank is telling stories about when he started running his business, of the trials and errors of learning how to run a business, of trapping with Eddy, of his previous Heavy Equipment…
Frank Cockney is storytelling of when he was a young man and travelling, hunting, and trapping foxes with his inlaws including when the wolves kept eating their trapped foxes, when families worked and helped each other, hearing that people were sick…
The People Speak host Rosie Albert interiews Michael Amos, Bessie Amos, and Susie Tiktalik about the Elder’s prophecy of White people coming to Canada and taking over and polluting land and waters as their own. The Elders also talk about oil…
A Long Time Ago host Louie Goose airs Joe Nasogaluak storytelling about his life stories from April to November 1922.
A Long Time Ago host Louie Goose airs Joe Nasogaluak storytelling about his life stories from November 1921 to April 1922.
Mary Kailek is storytelling of when she was younger living with her parents, of various people, of her sister Annie’s birth, of when the schooners arrived and her dad purchased a record player for her, of their travels, of living at various…
Charlie Smith is telling the legend of the Trek Eastward, in Iñupiatun then in English
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